stress effects

Stress Effects – What Is Your Stress Response?

When you’re exposed to a threat, your body goes through a 3-phase stress response process that was identified by Dr. Hans Selye, the widely recognized ‘father of stress research’. Phase 1: During the alarm reaction, your body is activated to deal with the threat by

Pregnancy fashion tips in style

6 Fashion Tips to Sail Through Pregnancy in Style

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We wish you the very best of health for yourself and your baby. You would be feeling excited, maybe a little terrified or just a teensy bit overwhelmed on how you would take on the challenges of your body figure changes.

Five Reasons to Stay Warm After Your Workout

Five Reasons to Stay Warm After Your Workout

If there is one thing you can count on happening when you workout, it’s that you’re sure to warm up. The whole idea of working out centers around increasing your heart rate, getting your blood pumping and toning your muscles – and all this effort

How to Make Lemon Water Detox Drink

How to Make Lemon Water Detox Drink & Benefits

With the world turning towards health and wellness, detox drinks are gaining popularity. People strive to include them as an inseparable part in their daily routine. There are several ways and foods to detoxify body and myriads of products and drinks are available outdoors, but