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Crowning Glory The women’s hair is called the crowning glory but not without any reason. The hair is considered the height of beauty and when the woman has certain problems with her mane, and then she really gets heartbroken and depressed at times. Women compare

8 Ways to Combat Oily Skin in the Summer

8 Solutions to Combat Oily Skin in the Summer

The humidity and scorching temperatures of summer conspire to make even normal skin oilier than usual. If your skin is already oily, you might feel that summer dooms you to endless breakouts and constant makeup touch-ups. Caring for oily skin is all about balance –

15-Minute Workout For A Sexy, Toned Back

15-Minute Workout For A Sexy, Toned Back

Unfortunately, many trainers fail to balance their workout routine by invariably ignoring exercises related to the back. For those who neglect their back exercises do so at their own peril, as you know that back muscles are vital for, well, almost everything. A well toned


5 Great Ways To Save More On Your Supplements

Health is wealth, so the saying goes. It’s true that when you keep fit and stay healthy, you won’t have to spend on medicine or hospital bills and other expenses you may incur on your road to recovery. To keep fit, however, you have to

Leather Fashion Trends For Women

6 Most Stunning Leather Fashion Trends For Women

In the last few years, the women fashion trends have reached a new dimension altogether. Regularly newer designs and innovative fabrics are being introduced to the market. Yet with all these updates one can say that there are certain types that will be in-trend forever.