How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays?

The holidays are just around the corner. That wonderful time of the year again and your days are going to be filled with moments of merriment. A time to celebrate with family and friends. This season is usually associated with the abundant presence of foods


10 Muscle Building Myths That You Need To Be Aware Of

Building muscle is an incredibly difficult process and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it becomes even more difficult. There is a ton of misleading information out there and quite honestly I get confused sometimes as well, despite my 20 years of contribution to


FAQs About Eye Lash Glue

It’s no news that women are obsessed with long eyelashes. If you too wish you had long, lush lashes like Katy Perry or Catherine Zeta-Jones has, you may have already thought of using eyelash extensions. While extensions can make your eyes look more attractive, some


A Relaxing New Jersey Facial Massage

You spend a lot of time each day preparing yourself for what the day holds and you likely look in the mirror each morning, but have you really noticed how your skin looks each day? Many people take for granted the condition of their skin


15 Workouts For Flat Belly – Lose Belly Fat 6X Faster

Flicking through the fitness magazines and one thing is clear. It seems like everyone in the fitness industry has a ‘six-pack’ and it is something we can all aspire to. Well to a degree, we can but the reality for most of us is that