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10 Worst Foods to Eat in the Morning

A good breakfast is one that contains nutrients in the right ratios. It makes you more energetic and full through your morning.

A bad breakfast, on the other hand, is one of the main causes of weight gain, risk of disease and other side effects. Here are ten horrible foods to eat in the morning:

#1. Cereal

worst foods to eat

Yes, cereal is bad. Contrary to popular belief, cereal is a processed food with only a few vitamins, refined grains instead of whole grains, and a LOT of sugar.

If you check the ingredient list, you will find sugar very close to the top of the list, indicating a high quantity of it for each serving.

#2. Pancakes and Waffles

pancakes-and-waffles ten worst foods

These are two very popular breakfast foods all over the world. Their ingredients? Flour, sugar, milk, and eggs.

The sheer quantity of flour, a refined grain, can lead to a higher risk of diabetes and obesity in regular consumers. If you use maple syrup to eat pancakes and waffles with, you’re just about guaranteed blood sugar problems in the future.

#3. Toast

toast - foods not to eat in the morning

Toast and margarine might seem healthy, but the flour in the bread is a source of fat and carbs. This leads to sugar level problems in the blood. Margarine is a source of trans fat, which causes cholesterol problems, heart issues and other problems too.

#4. Fruit Juice


If you want to get rid of that excess fat, or if you just want to steer clear of obesity and keep the numbers on your body fat analyzer low, avoid fruit juices. Fresh juice is fine, but any commercially produce fruit juice is full of sugar and preservatives.

#5. Muffins

muffins - foods to never eat in morning

They’re small cakes. Cakes are bad. They’re full of sugar, refined grains, and other unhealthy constituents. If you get a muffin with icing on top, you’re in for a tough time shedding the pounds later.

#6. Scones


A classic English breakfast option, scones with jam or even cream might seem like a hearty breakfast. The harsh truth? You’re eating dessert. It is high in calories and sugars with little to no real nutritional value.

#7. Pop Tarts

pop-tarts worst breakfast foods

Easy to make and delicious, Pop Tarts and other pastries seem like an easy fix for morning cravings. Full of sugar, flour and corn syrup, these are little calorie bombs that will leave you overweight and sluggish all day.

#8. Granola Bars


They beat out by actual candy, but these bars are still bad for you in the morning. They provide very little fiber with a lot of extra sugar for flavor. Chocolate chips and other dried fruits add to the sugar and fat content.

#9. Gluten-Free Processed Food


While gluten abstinence is completely fine, the processed foods with this advertising usually have other ingredients that are bad for you. They raise blood sugar levels and lower the proteins and fibers in them.

#10. Nonfat Sweetened/Flavored Yogurt

worst things to eat in morning

This is bad for you because of the artificial sweetener and flavoring added to the yogurt to make it taste good. While there is less fat, there is a lot more sugar which can still contribute to obesity and diabetes!

Steer clear of the bad stuff. Do your research and figure out some breakfast foods that are actually good to eat every morning if you truly want to stay healthy.

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