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30 Minutes for a Healthy Heart – Tips for a Healthier Heart

Healthy-HeartWatching TV? Chatting on Smartphone? Its time to bring some changes in your lifestyle for a healthy heart. Don’t worry, it only takes 30 minutes from your hectic schedule, for a healthy heart boost.

Today, I would be focusing only on 4 main aspects of our life, which can help you to have a strong and healthy heart and they are:

1. Eat Healthy – Eat Smart:
The first thing that strikes our mind when talking about healthy eating is strict dietary limitations, foods without any taste, which is boring and bland.

Believe me, that’s not what healthy eating is.. but it is the one that helps us to maintain a good health and body. You can have breads, pastas, lean meats, vegetables and lots of fruits. Just make sure you include a good variety of nutritious foods, enough of each food group.

For heart patients, its important to have a well-balanced diet plan, your best weapon to fight heart problems.

A. Proteins Food – Proteins are good for healthy heart and an important part of healthy diet. Fishes and eggs, both are rich source of good quality proteins, omega 3 fatty acids and lots of vitamins and minerals. To fulfill proteins requirement, vegetarians can go for milk & other dairy milk products, nuts and seeds.

B. Grains and Greens – Fibres are good for your heart. The two best sources of fiber are whole grains such as oatmeals and brown rice and green vegetables and lots of fruits.

Research shows that a diet high in fiber, protects your heart by eliminating heart diseases and diabetes. Fiber lowers cholsterol, triglycerides and helps in regulating blood sugar leves, which can reduce heart attack by minimium of 30%.

C. Eating out Safely – I know that its not that easy to avoid your favorite food such as Pizza and this where we all fall in the trap. Do you know that just a single lunch out in hotels and restaurants leads to more calories, sugar, cholesterol, saturated fat and salt.

Those who eat out often are easy victims of many health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Just stay away from breads and cheesy foods like pizza and burgers. Choose dishes that are low in fat, cholesterol and sodium and have lots of vegetables.

D. Processed Foods Kills – Name itself is self explanatory, these foods are processed in such a way that all important nutrients, fiber and healthy content are stripped down.

These processed foods are high in sugar, trans fats, refined carbohydrates, chemicals, artificial ingredients, which is not good for our health in any way. Heart patients are strictly not permitted to have processed foods.

2. Exercise:
Its the best thing on earth to do. Whenever you have the time, do some exercises. There are exercises for each and every body part, which can be easily done whether you are in office or at home.

There are unlimited health benefits of regular exercises such as weight on control, lowering blood pressure, healthy heart, strong bones, good body, more energy, long life and more.

20-30 minutes of exercise in 5 days a week would do the job for your healthy heart. Don’t forget to take helps of professionals, for best results in short period of time, without doing injuries to yourself.

3.   Laugh As much as You can:
I also agree with the fact that “Laughter is the Best Medicine“. Nothing can beat a good laugh, when it comes to long-term health benefits, may be that’s why laughter therapy is accepted in all over the world to treat stress and depression.

Join a laughing club to laugh out loud, play with little kids, watch your favorite comedy shows or movies. Do whatever that makes you laugh and happy. Research shows that even if we are faking a laugh, it helps in relieving stress, our mind eliminates negative emotions and increases the blood flow to the heart by a whopping 25%.

4.   Avoid Self Poisoning: 
Drugs, alcohol and cigarette smoking has an immediate effect on health are major causes of heart attack, stroke and other arterial diseases.

Nicotine, that is present in tobbaco, increases the heart rate and causes a slight increase in blood pressure and stimulates the nervous system. Not only this much, chemicals in tobacco smoke badly damages the function of your heart as well as harms your blood cells.

Well conducted researches and studies shows that nearly 30% of all heart problems are caused by smoking cigarettes and the risk of having heart is 7 times high among smokers compared to those who have never smoked.

What are you waiting for! Stand Up and do something good for your heart….

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