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5 Common Beginner Fitness Mistakes to Avoid in Gym

If you’ve read any of our other articles, you know that we’re big fans of taking action.

In fact, we feel very strongly that taking action is probably the single greatest difference between long-term success and failure in most aspects of life.

Given this philosophy, we focus on getting physically active a lot; however to achieve true physical fitness it’s equally important to train in a safe and responsible fashion.

While we’re not suggesting you need to concern yourself with perfecting every move you make, there are a variety of behaviors in the gym, and in your fitness life in general, that you should avoid. Below are some common examples:

1. Working out Without a Plan

You’ve seen these folks before. They wander around aimlessly from station to station in the gym pumping the weight a couple of times and then moving on. These people can easily spend an hour in the gym and get very little out of it. This is really a shame given that there are hundreds, if not thousands of viable fitness plans out there to choose from.

In order to get the most out of your time in the gym, it’s truly crucial to have a plan and execute with purpose.

2. Training the Same Muscle Groups on Consecutive Days / Improper Rest

This is perhaps one of the most dangerous and often abused behaviors in the gym. Your muscles require rest in order to repair themselves and grow stronger. Not giving your body sufficient rest in between workouts puts you at significant risk of physical breakdown and serious injury. If you want to workout every day it’s important that you don’t work the same muscles consecutively.

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3. Failure to Cross-Train

In order to achieve optimal fitness results you should incorporate all types of training into your workout regimen. This not only means to mix strength training and cardio, but also to change up within those categories.

So, for instance, if you’re very in to lifting weights, you should be sure to do some cardio, perhaps running, a couple of times a week; but even better, get involved in a basketball game, take a martial arts class, ride a bike —- you get the idea. Mix it up! This holds true even if you’re training very specifically for something. Let’s say you’re training for a marathon. Do not limit your training to running every day. It’s important to do more than the core activity for which you’re training.

4. Improper Form

While this is a pretty broad item, it is massively important and could be the difference between remaining healthy and being injured.

Whatever activities you decide to engage in, you really must take the time to learn the proper form. Injuries from improper form are very common and often result in time off from training, and all too often lead to long-term chronic problems.

5. Not Wiping down the Equipment

Well this seems a bit silly to some people, but keeping the gym environment healthy for everyone is common sense, not to mention common courtesy. A quick wipe-down of the equipment with an anti-bacterial wipe or even a towel simply makes sense. Many gyms now provide wipes and require you to do this as a matter of policy.

Working fitness into our lives takes real effort. While getting active should be your first priority, paying attention to some of the basics when working out is also crucial.

Remember; always consult your physician before engaging in a fitness routine or following any fitness advice.

Enjoy your Journey to Fitness!


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