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5 Food Items You Thought Were Not Healthy For You

The perception of health is very complicated, indescribable thing and people keep an inclination to treat it as something really tangible. The more and more research you will do about healthy and unhealthy foods, you will end up feeling that either nothing is healthy for you or everything you eat is healthy for you. In this process, you miss eating some healthy foods thinking that they are unhealthy. Therefore, there are a lot of forbidden foods that you need to reconsider again.

Let’s discuss on some of this few foods.

1. Healthy Herb Spiced Popcorn

You are heading to a movie theatre and thinking of eating some popcorn. But the common belief that popcorn is not a healthy stuff stops you from taking it. But popcorn as a whole is not unhealthy. Yes, the stuff that is offered in your movie theatres that are filled with salt, sugar, caramel and butter are unhealthy. They add unnecessary fats and calories to your diet. But the plain, straight-up, and air-popped and light microwaved popcorns are nothing but whole grains and are rich in fibres. To make it tastier you can sprinkle some pepper or various dried herbs.

Healthy Herb Spiced Popcorn

One such nutritious recipe of popcorn is healthy herb spiced popcorn. Rather it is a very sustaining crunch, that adds only a mere 31 calories to your body if a full cup popcorn is taken. It makes a perfect low-calorie snack option for you. Moreover, it is rich in dietary fibres that keep your digestive system healthy and a lot of antioxidants that helps in reducing the damage caused in the body because of the oxidants.

2. Vegetable Pizza or steamed Chicken Pizza

Vegetable Pizza

It’s a very widely known concept that pizza is a unhealthy food. It is rich in creams and oils, that leads to fat accumulation in your body. It is taken as junk food. But It is not that bad as you think. Yes, the pizza base made with refined flour is a bad intake but the boiled veggies, cheese full pizza can be a healthier option.

The green vegetables present in vegetable pizza add good nutrients to your diet. Similarly, in your chicken pizza, apart from the cream and pizza base made with refined flour, the fresh chicken makes a balanced meal.

3. Veg Alfredo Pasta

Veg Alfredo Pasta

It is a common belief that conventional pasta makes a high contribution to weight gain. But some research has found out that they actually are not responsible for gaining weight. The item that you pair this with, is responsible for weight gain. But when you eat pasta along with a lot of boiled vegetables, it is certainly a healthy option. Such is the healthy item veg alfredo pasta which you can get from Swiggy. You can apply this swiggy coupon to get your Alfredo pasta at very cheap prices and also stay in shape.

4. Green Salads With Regular Dressing

Green salads

It is a very popular misconception that when you dress your salads with some vegetable oils like grapeseed oil, sunflower oil and olive oil it adds a lot of fat to your diet, and it overtakes the healthy portions you want to eat by eating green salads. Yes, you heard it right. In fact, these full-fat dressings add essential fats that help your body in absorbing other healthy nutrients available in other food. They make your salad more nutritious. In contrast, the low-fat dressings contain a large amount of sugar and sodium, that is actually bad for your health. Buy this from Swiggy if you are interested, Use this link. One thing you need to avoid in salad dressings is the mayo or the full cream, that adds unnecessary fats to your diet.

5. Jacket Potato With Baked Vegetables

Jacket Potato With Baked Vegetables

In the game of diet, potato always gets a back seat. They are often avoided and labelled as unhealthy. But if you will see in the positive side potato is rich in carbohydrates and can actually contribute to your weight loss diet. It is filled with flavonoids, fibres and vitamin C, that helps in keeping your heart healthy and in preventing certain diseases like cancer. Therefore, this food item jacket potato with baked vegetables makes a healthy food item because of potatoes and lot of baked vegetables.

Therefore, no more feeling guilty when you grab on this above-mentioned food items thinking it as unhealthy. In fact, you should not go for a healthy diet but you should always go for a balanced diet. There is nothing called unhealthy food, but how you eat it makes the food healthy or unhealthy.

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