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5 Things You Have Been Doing Wrong in the Gym

gym-mistakesStaying physically active throughout your life is a necessity that will bring multiple benefits.

Working out on a regular basis also helps us cope with our every day tiresome and mundane duties.

Even when you feel dead tired, you should get a grip and go to the gym or a jogging session. But be careful how you are working out, since it can cause serious injuries if not done properly.

Following are the top 5 mistakes you might be doing in gym

Being Late

This mistake refers only to people who attend group work in the gym. Although you might think it is not a big deal, storming into the workout space when the session has started is both rude and distracting.

In addition, you will not have enough time to warm up, which can also lead to major physical problems. If your trainer is a true pro, he or she has to remind you not to be late.

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Bite Off More Than You Can Lift

Beginners often face a slightly uncomfortable position – they want to make fast progress, but their muscles have their own philosophy. And what do they do? Usually, they try to lift weights that are heavier than they are supposed to.

This mistreatment of your body can result in muscle strains and back injuries, as well as many other health-related risks of lifting too heavy weights.

Turning Routine into Boredom

It is true that working out should be based on a regular schedule. That way the body accepts that it is something natural, like brushing the teeth or having a shower.

Every exercise exhausts our organism and we need to persuade our body to give its consent. However, if you keep doing the same exercises for a long period of time, the whole effort will become futile.

The muscles will develop immunity to the course of exercises and there won’t be any visible results. That is why you need to change the bits within your exercise routine.

Not Eating after Workouts

People who are trying to lose weight and gain muscle mass often overdo with their sacrifices and skip the post-gym meal. The period after the gym session (the first 45 minutes) is crucial for revitalizing the muscles. They lose carbohydrates and proteins during the training, so you need to take in foods that have those ingredients.

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Greek yoghurt in combination with fruit is a great choice for this period. Also, having a sports recovery drink will help your muscles regain energy and build mass.

Paying Attention

Being physically in the gym while letting your thoughts scatter around will not have a positive effect on your efforts. If you are not focused on what you are doing, the results will be poor, just like in any other activity in which you behave that way.

So, leave the mobile in the locker, don’t stare at other people and keep to yourself and your goals while you are in the gym. Also, you can read this interesting piece about the gym and distractions, published in NY Times.

Doing regular workouts will have an immense effect on your well-being. However, you need to stick to your goals and work out in a proper way to see some results at the end of the day.

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