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A 5 Step Guide Process Towards Maximizing Your Core Stability Exercises

core-stability-exercises-workoutsSince starting this new process, I’ve realized a few unavoidable truths when it comes to building a healthy lifestyle – It’s pretty tough!

In the last few days, I’ve managed to build myself a routine of core stability exercises that fit in with my current ability.

Whilst this isn’t a concrete system that everyone can follow, it is something that works for me and will continue to make adjustments along my journey as I improve.

What’s really fascinating about the whole thing however, is that the process is hard – It’s taking me a lot of motivation to get out of my front door and to go to the gym. But the one thing I’ve realized is that once I’ve done it, I feel so much better about myself.

I’ve also come to understand that I’ve only felt like this when I lacked direction. So the trick is to have a daily schedule which you can tick off at the end of the day. Not only does this help motivate you to get things done, but it gives you a sense of direction as you know what needs to be done for that particular day.

Here’s my 5 Step Guide to Maximizing Core Stability Exercises:

1. Stretch for 10 Minutes
Stretching is without a doubt, the most important thing you can do in your exercising regime which most beginners starting out tend to overlook. This is something I’ve learned the hard way myself. Lack of stretching tightens your muscles and can cause injury.

Logically, this makes sense because in the beginning, you’re putting your muscles under intense strain which it otherwise isn’t used to in the beginning. So it’s always important to stretch prior to any strenuous activity.

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2. Start off Small and Increase Over Time
When first starting out with your training, it’s very likely you’ll feel intimidated with what everyone else is doing at the gym; they’ll often be pushing heavy weights, look bigger than you and more active. This will put you under pressure to start off big in order to not feel left out… This is a big No No!

Always bare in mind, that no one started off their training like that and had to start from somewhere. So start off small and gradually increase the intensity over time. Eventually, you’ll find that you’ll be on the same level as every one else. After all, you can’t learn to run until you first begin to walk.

3. The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with Single Step
There will come a point in your training where you will begin to notice boredom with core exercises. Every day seems like another day, you’re working the same muscle groups for an hour, not seeing the results you were looking for and eventually lose the motivation to leave your house.

This is normal and one that is seen in any activity you do. In the beginning, you will see great improvements in your health, but over time, this plateaus. This is something that many athletes have to deal with. But understand that this is part of the process.

Understanding that it’s all part of the journey and not a sprint to the end goal will make your journey a lot more enjoyable.

4. Avoiding Failure is Impossible
With any skill you undertake, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid some sort of failure. This is obvious, because in order to learn or know the correct way of doing anything, we must first learn from your mistakes. So be prepared for it and rejoice when it happens. It’s all a learning experience after all!

5. The End Goal is Non-Existent
Finally, understand that while we have goals along your journey in the beginning, there will reach a point where you will have achieved your goals and then reflect and ask ‘what’s next’.

This is the beauty of goals, because it makes you understand that whilst we have an idea of where we want to be, its really never ending. Because for every end, there’s a new beginning.

It’s here where you realize what your true potentials are and understanding that it’s all part of your own personal development.

So there you have it!

I challenge you to go out and embark on your journey. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and see it all as a learning experience. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve for yourself.

Wishing You All the Best on Your Training!

Vijay Diwakarhttp://www.mybeautygym.com/
Vijay Diwakar has been in the health industry for more than 10 years. He has inspired people for Weight Loss, Building Muscles and Living a Healthy life. He also likes to write about Latest Trends at TrendsBuzzer. Stay Connected to him on Google+ and Facebook.


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