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5 Things That You Need To Know About Vitamin B12

Increasing food options have made the life easier as one has ample choices ready to be explored but fast cooking options on other hand have curtailed the nutrition value of the food too.

The term vitamins that was more associated with food and body functioning earlier, is now frequently related to deficiencies and supplements. The vitamin content of raw as well as cooked food is depleting continuously and that is because of wrong cultivation methods, overuse of pesticides, and overcooking of food.

The recipes are changing and so are the ingredients, but one thing which primarily concerns the current generation is the vitamin deficiency that arises out of wrong eating habits.Out of various types of vitamin deficiencies experienced worldwide, the most common deficiency is Vitamin B12 deficiency.

1. Vitamin B12 And Its Significance For Human Body

Vitamin B12 helps your body in its routine functioning. This vitamin aids the red blood cell formation and also plays significant role in DNA construction.

Vitamin B12 is not made by your body and can be received only from food that is animal-based. If your food intake doesn’t help you get this vitamin in adequate amount then your next choice would be to take supplements and that too on daily basis.

The amount of B12 required by your body every day would depend on many factors like age, weight, gender, activity level, and other such conditions.

2. Reasons For Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Poor eating habits or being vegan are surely the prime reasons for B12 deficiency, but the other factors resulting into this deficiency are;

  • Thinning of stomach lining that may have resulted into condition like atrophic gastritis.
  • Immune system disorders.
  • Certain surgeries carried out for immediate weight loss or other stomach ailments that include removal of some part of small intestine or stomach.
  • Alcohol consumption beyond prescribed limits.
  • Condition like Pernicious Anemia that hinders the normal absorption of B12 from food.

3. Trigger Points To Detect B12 Deficiency

General feeling of being unwell is always the first trigger point but there are many other trigger points that can be checked to notice B12 deficiency in your body.

  • Shortness of breath and heart palpitation.
  • Loss of appetite along with gas, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • Smooth tongue, pale skin, tiredness, weakness, or lightheadedness.
  • Vision loss, numbness of limbs, tingling of muscles, and problem in performing various routine activities.

4. How To Combat Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

There are different modes of treating B12 deficiency but the line of treatment is usually decided on the basis of the reason for deficiency. If you have the B12 absorption issues, then you need to take oral medication and injections. The lifetime nasal therapy is also required if your body doesn’t absorb it at all.


In case, the diet is the reason then you need to change your diet to the vitamin B12 rich option. Supplements and injections for some time would be recommended in this case as well.

Regular intake of multivitamin would also be recommended for adults.

5. Prevention Of This Condition

Prevention is better than cure, hence you may switch to animal-based diet and B12 fortified cereals to avoid such deficiency. Multivitamin supplements can also be included in your routine to avoid any such deficiency in future.

Now, if you have any of the above mentioned symptoms of deficiency waiting to be treated then go for the detailed check and start with the correct line of treatment soon.

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