6 ways to battle sedentary life

Your 9 to 5 job probably makes you sit at your desk for the most part of the day. This sedentary lifestyle soon becomes a habit that is very hard to break.

Although we are aware of the negative effects it has on the quality of our life, we simply cannot find a way to include more activity in our daily routine.

Here are the Top 5 ways that may help you slowly overcome your sedentary habits in such a way that you will not even notice.

Park Far Away From Your Office

If you are driving to work, try at least to fight that natural instinct to always park in a spot that is closest to the building entrance. Instead, park a few blocks away and walk the rest of the way.

Same goes for visits to supermarkets and shopping malls. An even better option would be to ride a bicycle to work, but not everyone can do this. Also, if you are using public transport, like subway or a bus, get off one stop earlier than you intended and walk from there.

Do Some Office Workout

If you are too tired or do not have time to work out after you get back from work, doing office workout can be just as effective. First of all, pay attention to your posture while sitting. Instead of going to the lunch room to sit and chat with your colleagues, use your breaks to stretch your legs a bit.


Suggest to your workmates to take a walk around the block. Even a 10-minute walk will recharge your batteries for the remainder of the day. When you have something to talk about with a colleague, choose walking over to their desk instead of calling or sending an email. If your job involves a lot of talking on the phone, and if allowed, walk while you talk.

Always Take The Stairs

Make elevators your worst enemies from now on. If you need to go up a couple of floors, always take the stairs. Even if you need to go up ten or more floors, consider taking the stairs at least half of the way. Then gradually increase the number of floors you use the stairs for, and decrease the number of floors you use the elevator to get to.

take stairs for good health

Choose Active Entertainment

Instead of staying home and watching TV, choose to go to the movies. Better yet, instead of going to the movies, go bowling. Instead of meeting your friends for a cup of coffee, meet them for a walk in the park.

Even when you are on a vacation, choose active alternatives. Vacation does not have to mean lying in bed the whole day. Active vacation will also make you feel energized and ready for new tasks.

Do sightseeing on foot, not on an open top bus. If you are staying at a resort, see if they have a gym or a swimming pool you could use in the morning for water exercises.

Hire A Personal Trainer

While all the above activities will make a difference, their results are slow paced. If you want to make a significant change, enlist in a gym, get quality fitness clothing and hire a personal trainer. The enlisting part is usually not a problem for anyone. However, sticking to this habit is the key.

hire a personal trainer

People quite often quit as soon as things get tough. A personal trainer is someone who shows you what exercises to do, but also someone who will criticize you if you skip a training session or if you are not giving your 100%.


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