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5 Ways You Can Build Arm Muscles Without Weights

Visiting the weight room is a unique experience filled with other people, the smell of rubber and sweat, and a host of others. Sometimes this is an enjoyable experience, but often it isn’t one that fits into the schedule. As people travel more for work, learning how to workout and improve the size of your arm muscles must come in more efficient ways.

Weights can be an effective way of improving the size of your arms, but that doesn’t mean they are the most efficient for your time and energy. There are a host of other principles that you can use to build the size of your arms without ever picking up a weight or visiting the gym again.

5 Creative Exercise Techniques to Build Arm Muscles

#1: Yoga

ashtanga yoga for building muscles

When you think about yoga, what is the first thing that pops into your head? For most people, they think about predominantly women who don’t have much muscle. It might seem counter-intuitive, but yoga is actually a great way for you to increase the muscles in your arms. Most of the modern yoga is formulated around flows that increase size and strength. The reason it doesn’t seem this way is because most women aren’t genetically going to get big in the first place!

Also, you can be very specific about the type of yoga that you use to build arm muscles. For example, ashtanga yoga was created by soldiers so that they could enjoy the benefits of yoga while also getting a workout. Just because women enjoy yoga and don’t look like they have a lot of arm muscles, doesn’t mean yoga can’t be a good option.

#2: Calisthenics 

Calisthenics for building muscles

The most traditional way for you to improve arm muscles without weights is through the use of calisthenics. With calisthenics for beginner, you can use your own bodyweight as the weight to workout and increase the size of your arms. However, you can get a lot more creative than your basic pushup and pullup. These two exercises will get you far, but they can’t help you to achieve the type of body that you’re looking for.

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You will need to look into different types of pushups, such as diamond pushups (for your triceps) or scorpion pushups. These types of exercises will give you plenty of a workout. In fact, because it isn’t a super heavy weight, you’ll probably be able to get more hypertrophy, which translates to bigger arm muscles!

#3: Isometrics 

Isometrics for biceps

If you don’t even have a pullup bar to help you, isometrics might be the answer to bigger arms and muscles. With these types of exercises, you can exert all of your effort either against yourself or an immovable object. One great exercise and example of this is to find a wall and push into it as hard as you can for as long as possible. Pretty tiring, isn’t it?

Your muscles can be fatigued in many ways and instead of moving a weight that moves along with your arms, you can just try to move a wall that doesn’t budge! Isometrics are actually a really safe way to improve the size of your arms as the wall will never come crashing down on you.

#4: AcroYoga 

standing AcroYoga

If you haven’t heard, the latest physical exercise in town is called AcroYoga. Tim Ferriss mentioned it and it is starting to really take off. This has little to do with yoga and more to do with acrobatics and cheerleading. In fact, much of the “standing AcroYoga” is useful for both enjoying yourself and building the size of your arms.

Just consider that you’ll be holding women above your head and this experience will undoubtedly make you stronger. It is actually better than weights because you’ll be holding a human being above you and they continually move, squirm, and this makes it harder (and better).

#5: Swimming

swimming for muscle gain

An age old method of improving the size of your arms is to jump in a body of water and swim. By pushing the water constantly, you’ll get a really great pump and workout for your arms. If you watched the Olympics recently, you’d probably recognize how large and strong some of the swimmers were. This isn’t only because they are genetically superior! Many of these swimmers train so often they have developed huge arms and you can too.

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Build Arms and Recover

Just because you don’t have weights doesn’t mean you cannot build arms. As we have showed, there are at least five creative ways that you can increase your strength and the size of your arms. Just make sure you take all of these as seriously as the weight room and get recovery time. You need time off, to get the right sleep, and nutrition if you are going to sculpt your arms the way you’d like.

Author Bio: Mallory Roane is a health enthusiast, but specifically likes to improve the strength of her brain. She writes for Nootropedia about improving mental performance, nootropics, brain health, and smart drugs.


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