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6 Alternative Workouts to Keep You Fit

alternative-workoutsThe gym can be a boring place. Maybe you aren’t the kind of person that wants to push weights; maybe you function better in a team environment.

There are several different things that you can do instead of hitting the gym. For some alternative workout ideas, check out the following videos.

#1. Freerunning/Parkour

Yes, this video is long. But watch it anyway! It will leave you feeling absolutely pumped! Parkour and freerunning are all about listening to your body. While it may look impossible at first, consistency and hard work will give you amazing results, just as with any workout regimen!

#2. Muay Thai

This is the national sport of Thailand. Not only is this a phenomenal workout, it makes you sharper, and teaches you to use your whole body as a weapon.

#3. Zumba

There is a reason Zumba has become something of a craze, and this is because it’s fun. Not only are you working up a sweat, you are dancing too. Never has it been this easy and enjoyable to stay fit.

#4. Pilates

Pilates is known for its strengthening, sculpting and toning effects on your body. Here’s a video to get you started!

#5. Yoga

Your body can do fantastic things! Flexibility, strength, toning and peace of mind—yoga gives you all of it.

#6. Swimming

You could be the next Michael Phelps! Swimming gives you a fantastic set of lungs, and a lean mean body. So jump in!

Vijay Diwakarhttp://www.mybeautygym.com/
Vijay Diwakar has been in the health industry for more than 10 years. He has inspired people for Weight Loss, Building Muscles and Living a Healthy life. He also likes to write about Latest Trends at TrendsBuzzer. Stay Connected to him on Google+ and Facebook.


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