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6 Amazing Reasons Why You Need To Play Golf For Seniors

Golf is one of the most popular sports the world over. It is also a favorite of seniors for several reasons, such as the fact that it is a low impact and low risk game. But did you know that this laid- back sport also has tons of other health benefits? Keep reading and you will be surprised to learn how invaluable the hours spent in a golf clubs for seniors really are.

Golf is a sport that is easy to learn regardless of age. The aim of the sport is to propel a small ball into a number of holes, with as few strokes as you possibly can, using sticks specifically designed for that purpose known as golf clubs. The game is normally played on a large, outdoor course. The courses range in size from 30 acres up to an amazing 200 acres. Here are some health benefits of playing golf for seniors.

1. Burn Calories

On the outside, golf may appear to be a very relaxed game, and most people take this to mean that you cannot burn any significant calories playing the game. But on a closer look, you will realize that nothing could be farther from the truth. playing-golf-for-seniors-to-burn-calories

For one thing, just the simple walking through an extensive golf club is a lot of exercise on its own. Add to that the fact that you will probably be carrying bags and clubs across the course, and you double the number of calories burnt. Then there is the sport itself- the swinging, the pivoting, and the walking as you play. Some studies have shown that in just one game, you can burn up to 1000 calories!

2. Strengthen Your Heart

All the activities that you engage in as you play golf certainly make your heart pump faster. Burning calories goes hand in hand with a faster heart rate, and that helps keep many heart diseases at bay. A heart that beats faster lowers the levels of cholesterol in the body, which can be exceedingly dangerous for seniors if they are too high.


3. Good For Your Brain

This is an inevitable result of a faster heart rate- blood is pumped faster to your brain thus making you much more mentally active. This has been shown to decrease the risk of getting some mental diseases such as dementia. Additionally, golf requires the players to do some calculation, to have precision and to be very alert. That contributes a lot to a healthy brain.


Golf has also been known to improve hand- eye coordination, and to improve a person’s vision. Having to scan through the course for the tiny white ball, and having to aim correctly for the hole is no joke. It needs concentration and skill. Additionally, the competitive aspect of golf can help improve a player’s self-esteem and boost their confidence.

4. Strengthens The Bladder

It might seem absurd, but playing golf does actually help strengthen the bladder. How? It is because golfers like to hydrate a lot, and making frequent trips to the beer cart. Most of the time, they will try to hold the urge to visit the washrooms as much as they can, and that is how the muscles of the bladder get strengthened. Some golfers have even accredited the game with strengthened leg muscles. This is so because the game provides good leg exercise– thanks to all the crouching and the walking.

5. The Outdoor Experience


The very environment in which the game is played also carries many health benefits. First, the fact that the game is played outdoors means that players play in the sunshine, from where they can absorb the much needed Vitamin D.

Secondly, most golf courses are made in such a way that players feel one with nature. Studies show that in such an environment, the body tends to relax completely all on its own. Additionally, since golf is not such an exacting game, you get the chance to socialize with your fellow players. That is therapy enough to make you forget your worries for a while, don’t you think?

6. Low Injury Risk

Another aspect of golf that makes it such an ideal game for seniors is the fact that there is very little risk of injury. It is the perfect sport as it is relatively safe and relaxed for seniors, while at the same time providing just enough exercise for them. Golfers have also been shown to sleep better and more profoundly as a result of playing the game.

Conclusion: Golf is great game for everyone, but more so for seniors. It is neither too fast and rough for them, nor too slow and relaxed as to yield no health benefits. If anything, the sport can do a lot to boost their health and general well-being as this article has illustrated.


Author Bio: My name is Emilia Clarke and I am the person behind WeTalkAboutGolf.com. In my website, we have one goal – to help you to become the best golf player that you could. We can extend a helping hand through providing you with articles that will provide basic knowledge about the sport, including how-to and buying guides.

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