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6 Fashion Tips to Sail Through Pregnancy in Style

Pregnancy fashion tips in styleCongratulations on your pregnancy! We wish you the very best of health for yourself and your baby. You would be feeling excited, maybe a little terrified or just a teensy bit overwhelmed on how you would take on the challenges of your body figure changes. Now you must be psyched for your new maternity wardrobe so the least we could do is give you 6 Fashion Tips to sail through pregnancy in style and let you turn into a totally stylish mama to envy your friends.

We know that during pregnancy, most mothers second guess their body appeal because of that expanded belly. You don’t have to worry about that anymore as these pregnancy fashion tips will make you look flawless pretty all the time. Just in case if you haven’t noticed, pregnancy is not the most fashionable or glamorous time in your life so it is essential that you have appropriate maternity clothes which are tremendously limited in retailer outlets or online fashion boutiques.

Here are some of the best fashion tips to help you feel stylish in appropriate maternity clothes

1. Keeping Shoes off the Reservation

We do know that good shoes can take you to good places but not at the moment, atleast not for the time being while being pregnant. So don’t buy shoes unless you need them for pregnancy itself. Go for more comfortable flats and low heels which are more supportive walking shoes.

Also, don’t buy shoes with the thought that ‘these will be great after with pregnancy’ as you can never be sure if those shoes would be able to fit your foot size or not.

2. Going for (Non-maternity) Cardigans

Shopping for cardigans is great; particularly for open/water cardigans.You can easily find these cardigans wearable during or after pregnancy as they won’t go waste and are most useful even if you’re nursing.

The good thing about these cardigans is that they’ll fit even if your body weight has redistributed itself but don’t button them up. Look for the easy care fabric material like cotton, washable wool or consider silk, cashmere or other delicate fabrics.

3. Don’t Buy Too Many Maternity Clothes

Don’t worry too much about your maternity clothes, most women buy too many maternity clothes to keep that bump hidden. Selecting appropriate maternity fashion clothes can keep your ever-changing pregnancy body stylish and fashionable yet comfortable but to over burden yourself with so many maternity clothes isn’t the right approach, especially when you wouldn’t need them after you have given birth.  So here how it goes:

Pregnant women can wear their normal sized pants until the 20th week and can get by with many dresses and tops much later. Depending upon the weight gain for the later coming weeks, you can even still wear your old blazers unbuttoned. The bad weeks are (30-42) where wearing maternity clothes becomes necessary.

Here are a few maternity clothes choices for you:

stylish maternity clothes

4. Keep Calm and Put Your Stretchy Tops On

Maternity Tops are easily available which are embellished with inspiration designs and styles to flatter your body even in pregnancy. Make sure that these maternity tops provide enough room for breathability and stretch so that they can be effortlessly be worn.

5. Keep an Eye Out for Nursing Tops

Nursing tops are most essential for pregnancy as they would easily accommodate your bump during pregnancy and are most friendly for nursing, not to mention the huge variety of style and quality they offer. They are worth every penny spend on them but do keep your choices limited as they can be worn only for a specific time period.

To put more style and fashion into your maternity wardrobe, you can always go for long stretchy lose shirts with a long floaty hippy skirt over the bump if you decide to look more glam.

6. Getting Maternity Tights

If you do get pregnant during the cold weather, you might want to go for maternity tights. Be sure to opt for a loosen waistband so that you can easily and effortlessly squeeze yourself into them. These maternity tights would keep you warm, provide ease of movement and fit comfortably around the belly. Try these out in your early days of pregnancy.

So there you have it, the idea for maternity wardrobe is to wear what you feel comfortable in, if you feel comfortable, you’ll feel confident. Go for stretchy fabric material to enjoy your changing body shape and look for a few flattering key wardrobe fashionable items to add a little glam with the choices of your maternity clothes.

With the joy of pregnancy and the new upcoming addition in your family, you’ll find these maternity fashion tips most helpful for all your mood swings and happiness.

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  1. I second the nursing tops! From my second pregnancy I decided to invest in couple of nursing tops to wear during pregnancy and breastfeeding period.
    I love them so much, that I kept wearing even when I’ve stopped nursing my little one!


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