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7 Deadly Sins of Diet Soda

7 deadly sins of diet sodaSoda is considered to be the biggest source of calories these days. Though, majority of people are inclining towards no calorie or no sugar diet sodas. However, it is said that water is the most excellent no calorie and no sugar drink.

But, despite of this fact people are switching to the no calorie soda drinks. Due to the intake of these diet drinks, there are many health problems that are taking place:

Have a look at the following 7 deadly sins of drinking diet soda on regular basis:

7. Obesity

It is a misconception among people that diet sodas help in Weight Loss. It is the other way round, diet sodas increases the risk of becoming overweight and obese. It is observed that two cans of sodas are able to increase the waistline by 500%. Our body responds to the artificial sweeteners, the same way as normal sugar does. It is just a trick to attract the customers.

6. Hangover

People who are likely to consume more of cocktails or sodas should know that sugar free drinks allow liquor to enter the blood more rapidly than those with sugar.

5. Kidney Problems

The consumption of diet soda can increase the risk of kidney decline. It can be more disturbing to hear that the regular sodas are not the culprit but the main cause of this problem is artificial sweeteners.

deadly sins of diet soda

So, one should not be fooled by reading the extra word diet on the sodas. One should stick to water as it is the best and the most natural drink which does not have any sort of side effects and can help in weight loss as well.

4. Metabolism Malfunction

If you want to get trapped by the metabolic syndrome, you can increase the risk by just having one can of diet soda every day. Metabolic syndrome is considered to be the extra dose of bad news. It can increase high cholesterol levels in the body and also increase the belly fat.

3. Rotting Teeth

Sodas are known to be very acidic in nature. Water has a pH level of 7 whereas battery acids have a pH level of 1. You would be amazed to know that the pH level of soda is 3.5. The acid level in sodas can cause tooth decay and they can also dissolve the enamel on the teeth.

2. Damaged Cells

Diet sodas consist of mold inhibitors that are the main cause of cell damage. These inhibitors can cause severe cell damage and can cause countless allergic conditions like asthma etc.

1. Reproductive Problems

The well known problem of endocrine disruption is caused due to soda cans as they coat the inside portion of soda cans. This increases the Obesity and reproductive issues in the body.

So, think twice before taking a can of diet soda as it cause severe problems to your health.

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