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8 Things You Need To Know About Mascaras

Mascaras are these wand shaped must have cosmetics in every girl’s make-up kit. Lovely lashes makes a woman more enticing and lady-like, that is why mascaras are big hit when it comes to that total overall makeover.

#1: The Inventor of Mascaras

The Invention of mascaras is from the French perfumer named Eugéne Rimmel. One of the first mascaras was made in the 1830s. Eugene’s invention became so popular that “rimmel” is associated with “Mascara”. There is even a make-up brand today named Rimmel.

#2: Vaseline and Mabel

After the invention of Rimmel, mascara was marketed by Tom Lyle Williams to be the first modern, mass-produced variety. Lash-Brow-ine was the initial name for it but later on changed to Maybelline Cake Mascara. Maybelline is a well-known brand today. It is a combination of Vaseline (the base ingredient for mascaras) plus the name of Tom’s sister Mabel, the women who inspired him.

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#3: Turpentine

When the discovery for waterproof mascaras came out in 1938, it was a hit because of it being the first cosmetic to be marketed as waterproofed. On the other hand, the ingredient used for it was made out of 50% turpentine (a resin or substance from live trees, mainly pines; used in paintings or art), quite risky if you think of it. It took decades to get a safer alternative.

#4: Easy on Waterproof

As much as you want to buy waterproof mascaras than the normal smudgy ones, you wouldn’t want to use it everyday. Waterproof mascaras are harder to remove by water alone so you tend to rub your eyes causing tugging on your lashes. This will eventually make your lashes weak and will cause frequent fall outs. Do not use waterproof mascaras everyday.

#5: Mouth Open

Have you ever wondered why women open their mouths when putting on mascaras? It is because unconsciously, opening your mouth makes it easier not to blink.

History of mascara

#6: Don’t Last Forever

If you happen to have yours for several months now, better get rid of it when it reaches 3-5 months. Yes, mascaras don’t last forever. They have a short life span than we all think. Its wand easily gathers bacteria which causes eye infections.

#7: Black for Everyone

Generally mascaras are sold in one particular color. That is Black. Everyone can pull off a black mascara. Blondes and Brunettes, they can use black mascaras and it will look equally aesthetic. Mascaras aims to enhance the eyes and define the lashes. Black intensifies the color of the eyes. However, they introduced new colors for mascaras. You can experiment with different colors if you want.

#8: Blinded women

Lash Lure (1930s)- a product that lured several women to try out the first ever mascara promised permanent results. They used a specific kind of dye that caused blindness on more than a dozen of women. It even killed some. Five years preceding the incident, the Food and Drug Administration had the authority to regulate cosmetics for safe usage.

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