Women are highly sensitive to changes in their body, and more conscious of their physical appearance as compared to men.

Much of the perception of women towards the ideal sexy body is based on what is seen on Hollywood celebrities, magazines, TV shows, and movies. Though slim is said to be in, there is a delineation between being skinny and having a firm body.

Did you know that about $33 billion are spent by the American population on products and services that are targeted for weight loss and fitness? That’s right, a huge percentage of the population are willing to shell out cash for fad diets and exercise gadgets that appear to be effective, but are actually not.

A lot of women today face the challenge of weight loss. It is well-known that the body chemistry of women is very different from that of men. Weight becomes a female issue because of events involving childbirth, stress and anxiety, and even eating disorders.

There are conditions in which females are more sensitive to, and when exercise is being considered, not all male workouts are ideal for implementation by females.

The killer secrets for the perfect abs for women does not equate to: exercise, exercise, exercise. As a matter of fact, the elements of a good fitness regimen involve more than just rigorous and regular training. The first secret is of course having a balanced diet.

Starving yourself is never an answer, nor is deprivation of the basic caloric and nutritional requirements of your body. You can check online for the calorie requirements of women based on their levels of daily activity.

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The second secret is of course the right kinds of exercises. Women can perform abdominal exercises easily without having to use machines. They can do this at home, or during their break time and it takes only a few minutes per day. Some of the exercises include alternative positions for crunches and leg lifts that are less strenuous for the back.

In reality, exercise should be done in moderation, to prevent injury and muscular pain. You can start with about 10 repetitions of each exercise, in three sets after sufficient breaks in between. Intensity can be increased as your body gets accustomed to the efforts you are exerting.

What is the third secret to great abs and a great body? Rest. A lot of people neglect to get enough sleep and rest even after a tiring day. Rest helps your body adjust to the changes better, so your results are more satisfactory.



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