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Adequate Workout for Women’s Fitness

fitness girl workoutHave you ever noticed that ladies are spending more time in the gym nowadays? Reason being their fitness goals include becoming stronger and fit while still capturing that feminine look.

There was once a time when women stayed away from resistance training because they didn’t want to end up building the kind of muscles that give them a masculine and unattractive look.

But that’s definitely not the case today; Fitness for women has taken on a whole new meaning. There are various ways in which women can gain just enough muscle mass to create a softer, more sexy and curvaceous look. Check out our article on “Top 8 Muscle building exercises for women“.

Regular workout is quite essential for maintaining physical fitness in women. However, the appropriate type of exercise would depend on the personal fitness condition, weight, age and fitness goals of an individual.

Cardio-vascular exercises are vitally important in enhancing and strengthening the heart of women, it also benefits all organs of the body as it enhances the pumping of blood sufficiently through all of the organs. In order to improve your health and maintain your weight, you can choose moderate-intensity cardio exercises like hiking, cycling and dancing.

However it isn’t as easy as it seems, it definitely needs a lot of devotion to stay consistent in gym. More women are waking up to the significance of working out; they intend to achieve perfect proportions for their body with attractive curves. It isn’t even about just looking good, it keeps you healthy and makes you feel good.

Here are five significant tips to bear in mind for an adequate workout:

1. Get Curvy Gluts

Every woman desires to have curvy gluts, however it isn’t easy to achieve this look and it needs a lot of hard work and perfect exercises.  The ideal exercises are one-legged squats, hamstring curls, and heavy-lunges, these three exercises can definitely amaze you with their results.

If anyhow you’ve been struggling to get the kind of body you’ve seen on magazine covers lately, don’t despair at all. Chances are that your techniques aren’t adequate enough to drive your muscle.

workout for women fitness

2. Fats Are Important

Contrary to what almost every woman believes, you need to eat enough fats to lose fat. Adequate fats are vitally important in the diet as they tend to help you deal with hunger efficiently.

Calories from fat should equal 25-30% of your daily caloric intake; best types of fat include fish oils and olive oil. Fat is a macronutrient that has the least effect on insulin levels.

3. Carbohydrates Are Good For You

Many women tend to stay clear of carbohydrates when they’re on a weight loss program. However, carbohydrates are an essential part of your nutrition plan when working out.

workout for womens fitness

It’s pretty critical to have one serving of carbohydrates present in your pre-gym meal and one serving in your post-gym meal in order to feed your muscles as they tend to repair and grow after your workout.

4. Choose the Right Type of Cardio

This is the most important factor to be considered, the best type of cardio is high intensity interval training because it shreds off your excess body fat. One of the most efficient ways of getting rid of your belly fat entirely, the training involves alternating thirty seconds going as hard as you can followed by a ninety seconds going at a slower pace so you can let your muscles recover.

5. Technique Plays a Vital Role

Women must aim for 10 to 12 reps to shape their bodies. When you know that if you want to get fit, you will have to work these muscles effectively this is considered the best rep range to give a good definition to your muscles.

The rep range can also be adjusted in warm ups, while warming up less weight should be used as the motive of warm up is to get the muscles and joints active.

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