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After Hydrafacial, You’ll Never Go Back To Regular Facials Again

According to Allure, a HydraFacial is performed every 15 seconds across the globe, which means that this treatment has now surpassed the yearly number of Botox injections administered.

Hydrafacials in Los Angeles are becoming more and more popular with the celebrity set, and are also making their way into more and more cities in the U.S.

And What Exactly Is A Hydrafacial?

If you’ve never heard of it, you’re not alone. Still relatively new, Hydrafacial was introduced last year to rave reviews from clients and medical professionals alike. It’s a specialized facial that lasts longer, feels better, and goes way easier on your skin than dermabrasion and chemical peels. It works to moisturize, brighten, plump, and protect your skin.

It works by vacuuming out the bad stuff while pushing in good stuff, which results in a dramatic difference. Clients have said that Hydrafacials make their skin feel clear, clean, smooth, radiant, even-toned, brighter, strong, supple, and alive. They say they feel more confident and empowered. Basically, this treatment gives you the best skin of your life.

Three Magic Steps

HydraFacial works so well because it combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection simultaneously in three steps:

  • Cleanse and Peel: Gentle exfoliation and resurfacing work to uncover a new layer of skin.
  • Extract and Hydrate: Dirt, oil, and dry skin are removed from the pores through gentle extraction while the skin is hydrated at same time.
  • Fuse and Protect: The skin’s surface is saturated with antioxidants and peptides to optimize its health and bring on a natural glow.

These three steps work together to get rid of all the gunk that’s deadening your skin—such as dead cells, oil, and debris—and rejuvenate it with an antioxidant-rich serum.

As with any facial, this treatment is great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, clogged and enlarged pores, acne, and oily skin. However, Hydrafacial isn’t just any facial—it’s an experience.

Different And Better Than Any Other Facial

Once you’ve tried Hydrafacial, you’ll be ruined for any other type of facial. This is because it’s a much more beneficial treatment than the rest.

As mentioned before, it hydrates and exfoliates skin without any irritation at all, and clients see an immediate change in their skin. The results with Hydrafacial will last for weeks, while results from typical facials last just a couple days.

Clients say that you can actually feel the dirt being pulled out during the treatment, leaving you with a completely cleansed feeling and a gratifying glow. This beautifully clean feeling comes from the serum, which contains melanin inhibitors, as well as antioxidants and peptides.

It’s such a popular treatment, actually, that some clinics offer only Hydrafacials.


If you’re having trouble with your skin (or just love facials), consider trying a Hydrafacial. No more irritating scrubs or needling—just gentle hydration that brightens skin tone, lessens discoloration, and restores clear vitality back to the skin.

More good news: Hydrafacials are for all skin types and ages. If you’re a pre-teen with pimples, go for it. A teen with too-big pores? Yup. Adult with acne? Absolutely. Senior with sun damage? Ideal for you!

Treatments takes just 30 minutes, and go easily hand-in-hand with other in-office treatments such as Botox and fillers.

So next time it’s time for a little pick-me-up, try what has been called “the best facial of all time”: Hydrafacial. You will absolutely love it!

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After Hydrafacial, You’ll Never Go Back To Regular Facials Again

According to Allure, a HydraFacial is performed every 15 seconds across the globe, which means that this treatment has now surpassed the yearly number...