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The Best 5 Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care Tips

When it comes to taking care of our skin as we get older, we search for the best anti-aging products. However, sometimes the best anti-aging skincare is correct at home. If you are following the best steps to take care of your pores and skin, there may be other things you’re doing that are preventing you from receiving targeted skincare.

Below are some tips for natural anti aging skincare:

Increase Your Digestion

Great skincare is a reflection of a good digestive system. People with acne, rosacea, as well as psoriasis often suffer from imbalanced bacteria as well as constipation.

This can be caused by to not get enough water. Water hydrates skin cells as well as eliminated waste products, which prevents constipation. You may even not be getting enough fiber. Most individuals lack fiber in their diets.

It is recommended that men ages 19-50 obtain 38 grams of fiber a day and women ages 19-50 get 25 grams associated with fiber a day. Here are some recommendations to increase your daily fiber intake:

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  • Add whole grains to your diet
  • Eat a good apple a day!
  • Try some cauliflower.
  • Add beans to your daily diet.

Exfoliate Using a Dry Brush

This can be done each morning before your shower. Exfoliating with a dried out brush eliminated dead skin cells and allows the skin to detoxify. It also enhances blood circulation and decreases puffiness under the eye.

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Increase Circulation

Most of us spend the day sitting at our desks only getting as much as go to the bathroom or get lunch. However, inactivity may affect the skin. It promotes bloating, puffiness, acne, cellulite, and lack of muscle tone.

While you’re at work take a quick break to go outside and walk around the block, close your workplace door and stretch, go to the  gym before or after work, or start each morning by stretching. These activities will increase the actual blood flow in your body.

Avoid Large Amounts of Sugar

People may not realize this particular, but excess sugar in your diet is one of the main causes of premature aging.

The much more sugar we eat, the more sugar we now have going into our blood stream. This causes damage to the collagen levels in your skin and promotes a loss of elasticity, which leads to wrinkles and sagging.

Not only that much, taking too much sugar in your diet, can lead to obesity which results in many skin problems.

Eat Good Fats!

Your body cannot live without essential fatty acids. They are used to make cell membranes and hormones. Fatty acids may help keep the heart healthy and fight inflammation. Try getting salmon or another type of cold drinking water fish once a week.

If you don’t like fish, consider fish oil supplements. Avoid eating junk food. Include lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet. Check out our article on age defying foods that can slow down the aging process, by giving you a healthy skin.

Above are some great ways to obtain the best anti-aging skincare, the natural way! We spend hundreds of dollars a year on anti-aging skincare products, but part of the solution may be changes in our diet or daily habits. Try these out and tell us how it helped you!

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