Top-3-Arm-Toning-Exercises-For-FemalesOne particular routine that every woman should pay attention to are arm toning exercises. Admit it, women have a lot of insecurities and a flabby arm is just one of them. As a result of weight loss and aging, the skin tends to become lose, especially in these areas. This is why you need to take better care of yourself.

Sure you can get a procedure done to treat the area and have fabulous looking arms. But why spend so much and face risks if you can address the problem with these top three arm toning exercises for women.

Bicep Curl

The bicep curl is one of the simplest exercises that deserve a spot in your regular routine. You should perform this exercise with the use of a barbell. And no, you do not have to feel or be like the muscle builders who lift heavy weights. In fact, you should start with the weight you feel most comfortable with and build up from there.

Step 1: Move into position. Stand with your feet slightly apart and your back straight. Make sure that your feet are aligned to your shoulders. This ensures that you are maximizing the exercise and avoid injuries or falling off balance.

Step 2: Once you are in the correct position, lift the barbell up until it reaches above the pectoral muscles. As you lift the barbell, make sure your chest follows the rhythm. As you do this, keep your back straight and be mindful of your elbows. Do not move them as you are lifting. Keep it to your side all the time.

Step 3: Lower the barbell slowly. This exercise should not be rushed.

Arm toning exercises for women

Alternate Dumb Bell Curl

As compared to the bicep curl, the alternate dumb bell curl is done with one arm at a time. This way, you can focus on one arm while resting the other. So for this exercise, you will need two dumb bells, one on each arm.

Step 1: Get into the proper position. As with the bicep curl, make sure that your feet are parallel to the shoulder.

Step 2: Hold the dumb bells. And keep your back straight.

Step 3: Start with the right arm. Lift the dumb bell up to shoulder level or move it past the shoulder. The higher it gets, then the tighter contraction your arms receive.

Step 4: Lower the dumb bell slowly and move back to the starting position.

Slow and controlled movements are required for this exercise. Keep count and do the same for the left arm.

Exercises for Women for Toning the Arms

Skull Crushers

The bicep curl and the dumb bell curl focus on the biceps. Skull crushers on the other hand, can help keep your triceps in check. This is such an effective exercise provided that it is performed properly. Otherwise, results will not be pleasing and you may even run the risk of injuring yourself in the process. For this exercise, you will need a bench and a lightweight barbell.

Step 1: Lie flat on your back on the bench. And hold the barbell.

Step 2: Lift the barbell just over your head. The lifting motion should be done with your palms facing the roof. Lift slowly until your arms are straight.

Step 3: Slowly lower the weight.

Proper positioning is the key to these exercises. So you always have to make sure you are in the correct position. Also, observe the pacing of your movements. With the help of these arm toning exercises, your arms should be looking more fab and less flab. And finally, you can show off your lean and tight arms with pride.


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