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Souq Luxury Beauty: Avail The Best of Perfumes and Beauty Essentials at Attractive Prices

Looking to purchase the best luxury beauty products? Well, then Souq is the perfect destination for you and you must definitely know about the luxury beauty deals on the e-commerce platform. One of your favourite marketplace, Souq has got tons of luxury beauty products and the same are being provided at exciting deals and offers. One can also grab the deals at the best prices with Souq coupon as well. Take a look at the most amazing deals on products from luxurious brands like Giorgio Armani below.

72% off on Lancome Teint Miracle Bare Skin SPF 15 Foundation

Lancome’s Teint Miracle Foundation is there to bring the out the beauty inside you. The combination of pearlescent pigments in it will give you a soft yet lustrous look. This magical product from Lancome will make your complexion look natural and flawless. With Souq’s Luxury Beauty Deals, you can get a discount of 72% on this product and own it for only AED 56. Don’t miss the chance and grab it now.

Save 63% on Lancome Eclat Pearly Foam Clarifying Cleanser

Another beautiful product from Lancome, this Clarifying Cleanser travels smoothly on your skin to remove all the imperfections. Made up with natural constituents like anti-oxidant filled white lotus and soothing rose de France, this will give your face a fresh and shiny feel. With Souq, you can save more than 165 AED on this one, all thanks to the 63% discount under Souq Luxury Beauty Deals. Pay only AED 97.48 for this one and own a natural and clean look.

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstatic Lipstick – 43% off

In the fashion world, the name Giorgio Armani is synonymous to magnificence. The iconic red hot colour of this lipstick is surely going to make you the most magnetic girl of the party. A combination of colour and comfort, this one is formulated to keep your lips well-conditioned. The signature magnetic cap of this one is there to keep your lipstick secure for a long time. And what is more exciting is the 43% discount on this one, which lets you own this piece of magic at only AED 113.99.

Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Lotion at 58% off

At an exciting discount of 58%, this Skin Tone Correcting Lotion (Broad Spectrum SPF 15 is something that you just can’t avoid. This skin tone correcting lotion prevents your skin from future darkening and gives it a shiny and radiant look. Specialized in correcting surface darkening, this is a perfect product for those with oily skin. Further, its ergonomically designed package lets you store it easily in your bag and purse. After the discount, you can get it for only AED 124.49.

Tom Ford Chastity Lipstick – 43% off

Available in the iconic chastity colour, Tom Ford’s lipstick is a nurturing lipstick that gives your lips delicate yet sensuous colour. With ingredients like soja seed extract and murmur butter, this lipstick provides a semi-transparent and shiny look to your lips. It quickly moisturizes and nurtures your lips, and keeps them smooth for long. With a 43% discount under Souq Luxury Beauty Deals, you can own this one for only AED 138.48.

Clinique dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel at 40% off

Now you have the chance to save 40% on this soothing moisturizing gel from Clinique. This product will make your skin look young, fresh and healthy. Developed by skin experts, this gel gives you oil-free moisture and makes you look more youthful than ever. The pump in its packing makes it super easy to use. And the 40% discount from Souq lets you buy it only for AED 124.98, which makes it nothing less than a steal deal.

Save 33% on by Terry Terrybly Mascara

Get the most ecstatic lashes with this luxurious mascara from by Terry. This one works super smooth and gives your lashes more volume, darker colour, better curls and length. It sharply covers every minute point of lashes and gives a flawless finish. Also, you can now save 33% on this one with Souq’s Luxury Beauty Deals. This means that you can have it by only paying AED 131.48, and not AED 196, which is its original price.

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