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Avoiding the Side Effects of Aggressive Skin Care Treatments

Side Effects of Aggressive Skin Care TreatmentsGrowing old gracefully is all well and good if you look like Audrey Hepburn. However, for most of us mere mortals, looking old equates to looking haggard. Unsurprisingly, we look for a myriad of ways to address any and all of the signs of aging, hoping that we can maintain our beauty for a little while longer.

To achieve this, there are a number of skin rejuvenation Orange County procedures and products available. It is vital, however, that you look into what all these treatments are. Some have very serious potential side effects and you should be able to avoid those through proper education.

Skin Rejuvenation Methods

Microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing are two very popular skin rejuvenation treatments. These procedures can be perfectly safe, but only if they are performed by a trained dermatologist. While effective, they do have a number of potential side effects, including redness, inflammation, and itching, as well as making infections and sun damage more likely.

There are different alternatives available to you, however. And while these may not be as effective as those offered by a dermatologist, they are a lot safer. This is why it is generally recommended to try these methods first, and to only seek medical help once natural remedies no longer work.

Natural, Safe Skin Rejuvenation Methods

First of all, you must focus on your diet. You have to consume plenty of omega 3, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins in order to keep your skin youthful and health. Doing this stimulates cellular regrowth, while also strengthening your immune system. As such, you will look healthier and younger straight away.

Next, there is water. We forget what a magical treatment that actually is. In order to stay healthy and youthful, you must be hydrated. So make sure you drink your eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day, it will literally work miracles.Water for good health and skinObviously, be healthy has a positive effect on your skin. But you can give it a bit of a helping hand as well. Use organic, high quality facial masks and scrubs, cleaners, and creams only. Your night cream is the most important one of all, as your skin cells regenerate most at night, when the body is at rest.

Try to find collagen boosting creams, as these help to keep your skin smooth youthful. There are a number of natural products that are classed as collagen boosters and skin repairers, including:

  • Keratin from New Zealand sheep wool extract
  • Shea butter
  • Manuka honey

All of these products are effective, natural, safe, and affordable. No, they don’t work as well as aggressive dermatologist treatment, but they also don’t put you at risk of harm. That being said, these products are only effective for so long before you will need to see a dermatologist.

Spend some time doing your research so that you find one who is properly qualified and who will be able to offer you the best treatment for your specific needs.

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