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Benefits of 2 Bananas a Day – Get Rid of 13 Health Problems

Not only Apples, but two Bananas a day also can keep the doctor away. Before I will explain you the numerous health benefits of eating bananas everyday, please know that by eating banana no one actually gets fat. This is just a myth (misconception). Instead, it is the best fat burner and gives you instant energy. This fruit is rich in fiber and have three types of sugar – sucrose, glucose and fructose.

A research was conducted and found that for a workout of 90 minutes, you can get ample amount of energy just by eating two bananas. This could be one of the reason that why athletes prefer eating banana daily. With loads of energy, it is full of essential vitamins too.

By eating two bananas in a day, you can easily get rid of the following 13 health problems:

1. Depression

A well-conducted study shows that whenever a patient eats a banana, their comfort level is increased and they feel more energetic. In reality, banana contains such a protein, which helps us to get relaxed as well as helps in refreshing our mood. Additionally, it is rich in vitamin B6, which is great for your blood glucose level.

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2. Anemia

Bananas are rich in iron. By eating banana regularly, you will never run low on hemoglobin in your blood. People who have anemia, they should definitely eat bananas.

3. Blood Pressure

It is very high in potassium but is low in salt, because of which your blood pressure remains normal. FDA, known as US FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION have claimed this to BANANA INDUSTRY that eating bananas can help in lowering the risk of blood pressure and strokes.

4. Brain Power

In England, 200 students in a school were made to eat banana in breakfast just before the exams and it was found that the students were able to score more than other students. Research claims that because of high potassium in banana, student’s ability to remember has been increased.

5. Constipation

If you are suffering from constipation, then banana is a great fruit for you. Start eating two-three bananas in a day. Fibers present in banana will help you to get rid of the constipation problems.

6. Hangover

Getting too much drunk can cause hangover. If you were having rock-hard party last night and have drunk too much alcohol, chances of hangover and headache are high. In this situation, banana shake is the best option you have got. Add little honey too. In short period of time, your blood sugar level will be proper, and there will be no more hangover. Not only that much your body will be hydrated too.

7. Heart Burn

If you love to eat junk and spicy food, chances are that you would be suffering from heart burn and gas problems. If that is the case, banana can help you to get rid of this health problem and keep your heart healthy.

8. Morning Sickness

Had your food, still hungry? Have banana, it will help you to maintain the levels of blood sugar. Banana will help you to feel relaxed and beat the morning sickness.

9. Mosquito Bites

It’s always good to use mosquito repellents to avoid mosquito bites. However, if mosquitoes are luckier, then for quick relief from mosquito bites, use the inside of the banana peel. Instead of any cream, you can use the inside of banana peel, which also lowers the inflammation and irritation.

10. Nerves System

Banana is high in vitamin B and that is essential to make our nerves system work properly. In Australia, a study has been conducted by psychology institute and it is revealed that in work places, whenever employees are hungry, their first choice of food is fast food. It’s not a surprise that addiction of eating junk food and spicy foods on daily basis can easily make you a victim of hypertension and obesity. In order to get rid of this health problem, you are advised to eat foods which are high in carbohydrates, like banana. I am sure that you had never thought of this!!

11. Ulcers

Getting mouth ulcers frequently? I would like to inform that by eating banana daily, you can permanently get rid of this health problem. You should eat banana daily, especially if you are suffering from too much pain of ulcers.

12. Temperature Control

A pregnant woman can easily maintain her temperature by eating a banana daily. If you will compare banana with apple, then you will find out that in banana, it has four times more protein, two times more carbohydrates, 3 times more phosphorus than apple. Not only that much, it has five times more Vitamin A and iron. Potassium is rich in banana too. Just because of this, it is advised to eat 2 bananas in a day for a healthy and happy life.

13. Best For Adding Shine in Your Hair

To get rid of hair fall problems and make them more shinier, hair mask is the best thing you can think of. However, it’s not possible to visit beauty parlors to get hair mask on daily basis. Hence, the best option for you is to use homemade and chemical free banana hair mask. This will definitely help you to keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong.

These are the some of the best health benefits of eating bananas everyday. If we have missed some, please let us know by leaving your feedback in the comments.

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