Blood Type Diet: What You Need to Know

Do you know your blood type? If you’ve ever had surgery or required a transfusion, there’s a good chance you can riddle off your blood type with ease. But knowing your blood type is about more than just getting and giving blood. Some research has shown that your blood type can have a profound impact on your overall health if you understand how it works. One such area is weight loss.

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to be able to lose weight easily, while others struggle with their weight year after year? Or how some people seem naturally thin, regardless of what they eat? Evidence shows that this may have something to do with your blood type.

Blood Type Diet

When you know your blood time, you can begin to learn how your body reacts to the food you eat, how susceptible you are to illness, how you handle stress, etc. In many ways, your blood and it’s biochemical markers are nearly as unique to you as your fingerprint.

Let’s look at several ways in which knowing your blood type can have an impact on your health:

Your Susceptibility Illness

Certain blood types have been shown to be at a higher risk for certain diseases, while at a lower risk for others. People with Type A blood, for example, have more microbial infections and higher rates of fertility. People with AB blood seem to have a higher risk of getting some cancers.

Your Reaction To Stress

Some people have a higher level of stress hormones in the body, whereas those with Type O blood tend to produce an abundance of adrenaline, which can make it harder for them to “bounce back” from stressful situations as the high levels of adrenaline take time to release from the body.

It’s Gut-Check Time

People with differing blood types will have differing gut flora. This is believed to be attributable to the fact that our ancestors’ digestive tracts developed differently to accommodate their particular diets. If you have blood Type A, for example, you probably process carbohydrates more efficiently than those with Type 0, who are more likely to store carbs as fat.

What Does All Of This Mean For Your Diet And Weight Loss?

The truth is this: We don’t all have the same nutritional needs. In general, our nutritional requirements can be determined by analyzing our blood type. Once you learn how to eat for your blood type, you can start to choose foods that will help you to lose weight, boost your energy, reduce pain and inflammation, and increase your overall feeling of well-being. Follow this useful link for more information.


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  1. Sumit Sharma says:

    Vijay Diwakar, I am totally agree with you on this, we should know our blood type to loose weight in best way. We must take diet according to blood type.

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