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How To Boost Your Testosterone and Growth Hormone Levels NATURALLY

boost-testosterone-and-growth-hormoneOne of the most important things, if you are looking to grow some serious muscle mass and/or lose fat, is to have high levels of natural growth hormones available for you body to use.

Don´t worry, I am NOT going to show you how to inject different kind of stuff into your body. What I am going to reveal to you, is how you can NATURALLY boost your levels of testosterone and growth hormones, so you can maximize your workout efforts and get way faster results with whatever workout schedule for men you have decided to follow.

In this article I am going to cover two very popular techniques. One is the “20 rep breathing squats” and the other is “Peak 8”.

Why these two? Simply because the potential of both is massive and it is two very different ways of boosting your hormone levels.

#1. 20 Rep Breathing Squat

This is a classic technique that has been used since the dawn of body building. The “20 rep breathing squats” works because hard physical workouts increases the levels of testosterone and growth hormones. The harder the workout, the higher the levels of hormones. A natural way to get a harder workout is to involve as many of the major muscles group as possible. The squat does that (back/thighs/glutes).

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However the 20 rep breathing squat is NOT just 20 squats. What you do is put on a 10RM load (make the bar so heavy that you will only be capable of doing 10 squats).

Now you are probably wondering how the heck one is then going to perform 20 reps. This is where the breathing part comes in.

You will perform 20 reps with the bar on you back the entire time, but you are allowed a short breathing break between the reps.

This breathing break enables you to keep doing 1 rep at the time until 20 reps in total has been performed.

Sound hard? IT IS. But you will be able to feel the hormones rushing through your body immediately after putting down the bar.

The 20 rep breathing squat is normally performed with the first five reps done as consecutive reps, one after one another. The last fifteen is then done as 1 rep, with just enough “breathing” break to be able to perform the next rep.

One very important thing here is that, the deeper you go the more you boost. If you can do a complete “ass to grass” squat DO SO. It will demand your muscles to fire up as much as possible.

The idea with “20 rep breathing squat” is to do it as the first exercise in your workout routine. This way you make more testosterone and growth hormones available for you body when performing the rest of your workout.

NOTE: If you haven´t squatted before, don´t just jump into this. Make sure you have a good technique so you avoid injuries. If you haven´t done squats before or it been a long time since last, the “Peak 8″ might suite you better.

If you feel like it, I suggest you do a simple Google search and look at how to combine the “20 rep breathing squat” with other exercises. One thing I promise you is, that if done correctly, this drill is going to push you all the way to your limits, but you will absolutely love how your body is responding.

#2. Peak-8

The major difference between the “20 rep breathing squat” and the “Peak 8″ is that the squat is a weight lifting exercise, whereas “Peak 8″ is an interval exercise.

Peak 8 really is very simple. The idea is the same as with the “20 rep breathing squat”. When you push you body hard, your body increases the levels of testosterone and growth hormones. As with the squat, you would want to perform this a the first thing in your exercise routine.

As said this is an interval exercise. You simply perform eight intervals of 30 seconds MAX OUT. The best and easiest way is to either do it as sprints or on a bike, since these are the simplest ways to use the major muscle groups. After each 30 second burst, you then have a 90 seconds rest and you simply repeat this 8 times.

With 5 minutes warm up you will be active in as little as 20 minutes, and you will have created a MASSIVE boost, by actually only having been speeding up in a total of 4 minutes.

  –  5 minutes warm up.
  –  8 sprint of 30 seconds with 90 seconds rest in between.

To many people this will be a much easier way to NATURALLY boost their testosterone and growth hormone levels, than the squat. Everybody can do sprints and the risk of injury is much lower. Compared to the “20 rep breathing squat” however, it does take a bit longer.

One Final Note

The goal of both is to make your body release as much testosterone and growth hormone as possible. What this means is that you HAVE TO push yourself HARD. You need to get your type 2 muscle fibers pumping full steam.

If you go ahead with the 20 rep squat make sure to use either a spotter or stand in a squat cage with catching bars put in place.

If you decide to go with “Peak 8″ have someone stand besides you or even put up a little competition with a training partner.

Personally I like to switch between both of the above techniques from workout to workout. I tend to use the “20 rep breathing squat” for routines where I am completing each exercise before moving on to the next, and “peak 8 when I am doing circuit workout.

I find this the best combination, but I highly recommend that you test it out personally. You can also try to boost testosterone through supplements.  Testosterone supplements are legal supplements that can help you to increase levels of testosterone in the body.

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