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Building Muscle Mass with A Gym Pass And Science

The Science of Building Muscle Mass

science-of-building-muscle-massHello all you resolutioners out there. When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Day, you were reborn. In this new year, you’re all given a second chance to be the person you want to be, and to many that means being looking and feeling good. While many of us will purchase our gym passes and begin blindly pulling and tugging any weight in close proximity to us, others will first understand just how the muscles are built and the best way to go about gaining muscle.

In this speedy little guide, you will learn what’s going on underneath the skin and some tips on how to start your journey towards a body you can have confidence in.

The Hidden Process

The actual act of muscles growing takes place after the workout has been completed. It may seem like you’re simply resting when you’re sitting on your couch sipping your chocolate milk with your feet up, but in actuality your muscle fibres are snapping and being rebuilt. Even though it may seem a little odd, when you’re lifting those weights your muscle fibres are actually being damaged. You see muscles are comprised of thousands of muscles fibres; you can think of these fibres as slim strands of string. When you lift, these fibres snap. After the workout, your body goes in a repair mode where via a cellular process muscle fibres begin fusing together in order to form new muscle protein strands, or myofibrils. These new fibres are now thicker than the ones that were previous intact.

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Before you start becoming a vigorous lifter, understand that everybody’s body will respond differently to exercise. If you and your friend do the same workout day in and day out your muscle growth will surely vary. The truth is that some people are simply more inclined to strengthen muscle than others.


How to Build Muscle

Now that your familiar with a bit of the science behind building muscle mass, it’s time to take a look at just how to put that scientific process in motion.

The most validated practice of snapping muscle fibres is to apply enough pressure to your muscles so that fibres break. To do this, gradually increase the weights that you’re using. Too quickly increasing the size of your weights will lead to injury, and not increasing your weights quick enough will lead to stagnancy.

Take note of how your body is feeling after a workout and chart your progress. The best route towards success comes from paying close attention to your progress. If you pair an effective workout plan with proper eating habits, you’ll surely see the advances that you’ve been yearning for.

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