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10 Plank Variations to Strengthen Your Core

Planks work out your entire body. Planks strengthen various groups of muscles across your body. This includes the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, chest, shoulders, thigh, calf, and the list goes on. Planks give a workout to the entire body, all with no extra equipment. Here are


How To Get Abs In A Month With Pull Up Bars

Having abs is like a body builder’s badge of honor. Once you’ve got it, people know that you’ve worked really hard to get it. I gave a lot of energy to get my six pack abs. I gave it a lot of time as well


15 Workouts For Flat Belly – Lose Belly Fat 6X Faster

Flicking through the fitness magazines and one thing is clear. It seems like everyone in the fitness industry has a ‘six-pack’ and it is something we can all aspire to. Well to a degree, we can but the reality for most of us is that


The 8 Best Ab Exercises Ever!!

There are quite literally hundreds of different ab exercises one can do, but how many of them really are effective? Here I’d like to give a selection of the best ab exercises to work the upper abs, lower abs and side obliques. they’re my personal


3 Commandments To Follow On Your Journey To Abs

Would you believe me if I told you there’s a sure-fire way to getting the perfect abs? It’s not a shortcut, but I can guarantee that by following this advice, your stomach will be the envy of others at the gym and on the beach.

Top 5 Exercises To Get Six Pack Abs in Weeks

Top 5 Exercises To Get Six Pack Abs in Weeks

Whether you are getting ready to don bikinis and short shorts or blouses and skinny jeans, having a flat stomach is something most of us strive for — no matter the season. It takes a couple of things to rid yourself of the fat around


7 Ways to Get Sexy And Strong Six Pack Abs

We see them everyday blessing our TV screens, in glossy magazines or in the local gym. Six Packs! The envy of both sexes. You must admit, a ripped midsection does look damn sexy right? But how do you get this much sought after six pack


Six Pack Abs – Do We Believe in the Right Thing?

Everyone wants washboard abs. We see men and women with perfect ripped stomachs and know if we do a hundred crunches a day we will have the same, flat killer six pack abs. Myth! Doing hundreds of sit-ups a day won’t create killer six pack