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How to Treat Extremely Dry Skin on Face

How to Treat Extremely Dry Skin on Face in Summer

When the birds start chirping lovely songs again as the trees and flowers come back to life in Spring, your skin is just about thawing, and all is well. In fact, your skin comes back to life as well, following winter’s dry spell but, not

Best Hair Oil Therapies

Heal Your Hair With 5 Best Hair Oil Therapies

As a result of stress, pollution and over-use of products, we often end up having split ends, breakage and hair fall problems. All the chemicals used deteriorate the quality of hair and also restrict their growth. Other factors like graying hair and excessive hair fall

How to maintain healthy hair when traveling

10 Tips To Help You Maintain Healthy Hair When You Travel

When you are traveling you may encounter all sorts of weather and climate conditions. This may cause some unexpected bad-hair-day situations, and it may take an actual toll on the health and condition of your hair. In this article, we will share some smart tips

How to get rid of wrinkles naturally

The Natural Steps on How to get rid of wrinkles

Wrinkles are something we all have to live with at some point. As we age, our skin tends to lose elasticity and its ability to retain moisture. Wrinkles can appear all over, but usually occur first and most conspicuously in the face. We start seeing

Can Aloe Vera Treat Acne

Does an Aloe Vera Gel for Acne Really Works?

A lot of the cosmetic products retailed in the market today contain aloe as one of the major or active ingredients. Aloe contains nutritional properties that can improve the skin’s overall situation. You also do not have to worry about chemical side effects. The usual

Home Remedies For Peeling Skin

Top 15 Fabulous Home Remedies For Peeling Skin

The skin includes three different layers – the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis which are the outer layer, the middle layer and the inner layer respectively. At a normal condition, the outer layer will be placed frequently by a new skin. And mostly this

Foods For Healthy Skin

A List Of 5 Best Foods For Healthy Skin

No doubt, skin is one of the most important parts of our personality to be noticed by everyone, and a glowing, healthy skin is a person’s most attractive feature. Remember the age-old phrase we have been hearing since we were kids: you are what you