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10 Rules For Living Healthy

10 Rules For Living Healthy, Robust and Happy

You must agree with the fact that today’s busy lifestyle and bad habits are making our life little harder. We have the latest technologies to make our life simple and easy, but still we are not able to sleep properly, have many gym centers but


Olympic Trampoline 101- Everything You Need To Know

It sometimes seems like trampolines have been around forever, but if you really look into the history, it’s easy to see that they have actually only been around since 1936 when they were invented by George Nissen and Larry Griswold at the University of Iowa.


Do It Yourself Blouse Designs Infographic

Our ethnic wear can never be complete without walk down the alley by sarees and lehengas.  The splash of colors and textures are no less in making you feel like a festival itself; warm and vivacious! As you soak into the festive mood and the


Fruits and Vegetables Juice For Your Health Infographic

There are many great fruits and vegetables that can help you to live a healthy and happy life. Do you know that juicing fruits and vegetables can give you immense health benefits? Following are the fruits and vegetables juice represented in infographic to help you