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Yohimbe extracts

Yohimbe: The Wonder Ingredient for Male Enhancement

Extracted from the bark of an evergreen tree growing in West Africa, Yohimbe is a common ingredient found in male supplements all over the world. The bark is used to extract an alkaloid called Yohimbine, which is then used to formulate some of the most

Ways to get more confident

9 Ways to Get More Confident This Minute

Trying to increase our self-esteem is a constant battle for most of us. Trends and media are not doing anything to help us in that manner, to say the least. Friends and family can sometimes help, but usually it comes down to ourselves only. So,

martial arts for kids

Who Is The Toughest Of Them All?

Martial arts are more popular today than ever before. Gyms and Dojos of every shape, size and brand seem to pop up almost everywhere. We all want our children to be safe and able to get themselves out of trouble in an increasingly dangerous world.

Hottest Fitness Models on Instagram

The 10 Hottest Fitness Models on Instagram

With summer finally here, it is time to get back into shape and shed those leftover pounds from winter. While it is nice playing “Ghost Recon: Wildlands” 24/7, it is time to tone up for the summer. Below are the top ten hottest fitness models

Lower Back Pain During Workout

5 Ways To Reduce Lower Back Pain During Workout

Many people are affected by back pain which comes on due to poor form when training at the gym. While people go to the gym, lift weights and do cardio with the best of intention, doing these things incorrectly leads to pain and problems which

Cracked heel repair cream

Cracked Heels? What Causes Cracked Heels?

Your feet take a lot of stress all day. They carry your weight, they run, walk, stand for long hours, and keep you moving from spot to spot. The only time they get any rest is when you are seated at your desk or when

how to get rid of spider veins

What Are Spider Veins And How to Get Rid Of Them

Thanks to incredible scientific advancements, we love in a World where we can alter our bodies in just about any way imaginable. Not only can you work hard on losing weight and sculpting your body with a good diet and workout routine, you can also

Thrombocyte Clumping

Importance Of Thrombocyte Clumping

Thrombocytes or platelets are blood cells that circulate along with red blood cells. Their core function is to close any impairs or breaks in the blood vessels that occurs due to an injury, they do it by binding them together. Platelets have a sticky surface