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makeup for small eyes to look bigger

10 Make Up Tricks To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

They are considered more attractive and drag attention away from other parts of your face. Though, not everyone is blessed with big peepers, there are some makeup tricks that help in making small eyes look bigger. All that is needed is some practice, after which

Gothic makeup 2017

Gothic Makeup: How to Rock It in 2017

Gothic makeup can be worn in many different ways. It is loved the world over, as it stands out in a crowd even from afar. Most women like it because it is dramatic, bold and an excellent alternative look for parties. Here are few ways

Valentine’s Date Night Makeup Tips

Tips for Valentine’s Date Night Makeup

The most romantic night of the year deserves a special makeup. If you want to wow your partner on Valentine’s Day, then I got just the right makeup tips to help you look super sexy and sweet on your date night. Go For The Gold

Makeup Tips For Working Ladies

10 Great Makeup Tips For Working Ladies

Workday makeup does work you up and wear you down if you don’t know how to do your beauty routine or if you don’t have the slightest idea if you’re doing it right.  Truth is, wearing your makeup for a usual workday doesn’t have to


FAQs About Eye Lash Glue

It’s no news that women are obsessed with long eyelashes. If you too wish you had long, lush lashes like Katy Perry or Catherine Zeta-Jones has, you may have already thought of using eyelash extensions. While extensions can make your eyes look more attractive, some

smokey eye makeup ideas

5 Makeup Hacks to Give Smokey Eyes a Lift

We all know that the smoky eye effect can take a woman from looking plain and ordinary to looking extraordinarily sexy. This is one makeup trick that can get even the men to stop and stare. Although it is known to be immensely effective in

Eye Makeup Trends You Need To Know Right Now

10 Eye Makeup Trends You Need To Know Right Now

Eyes unsurprisingly take up most of your time when you’re putting on makeup. After all, those tiny sparkly gems are part of every facial expression that you make — happy, glad, disappointed, sad, angry or sorry. You may be saying something else but, you know

How to Apply Eyeliner to Accentuate Your Eyes

How to Apply Eyeliner to Accentuate Your Eyes

Eyeliners are perfect to accentuate your eyes, the most alluring part of your face. Women who are new to eyeliners find it difficult to put eyeliner on the top, however, learning a few basics can help them in learning on how to apply eyeliner perfectly.