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Breast changes

10 Unusual Breast Changes to Report to Your Doctor

Women experience lots of breast changes during their lifetime. While there are many conditions that are associated with breast changes other than breast cancer, you must know that breast malignancies is quite common. Shockingly, around one in eight women will develop a form of invasive

Bipolar Disorder During Pregnancy

Coping with Bipolar Disorder During Pregnancy

One of the most exciting yet complicated times for a person with bipolar disorder is during a pregnancy. Questions about what to do with medications, external stress triggers, and hormones abound. In this guide, we will look at the issues and treatments for a woman

A Dream Come True

After attending the wedding of a very close friend, we were driving back. The drive was long, so my friend being an insurance company executive I thought it would be a great idea to know if insurance cover was available for treatment of infertility. The

Tamara Ecclestone breastfeeding her daughter Sophia

6 Best Foods For The Breastfeeding Moms

Thanks to the recent pictures of model Tamara Ecclestone breastfeeding her daughter Sophia on Instagram , the topic of breastfeeding has once again emerged as a hot topic. With this, new moms are often seen in a hurry of losing those extra pounds. Hey! You

best exercise for perimenopause

7 Best Exercises That Keeps You Fit During Perimenopause

Perimenopause is a phase which ushers in the menopause. It is a period where a woman ceases to menstruate for a whole year. This is due to hormonal changes, majorly estrogen. The perimenopause period ends after a year of the absence of menstruation. As the

Tips for Shaving the Bikini Area

5 Tips for Shaving the Bikini Area

For most women, there is a big difference between shaving your bikini line and shaving your legs. The bikini line needs more patience as it’s one of the most sensitive areas on the body. Although you may get away with a quick job on some

10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight for Women

10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight for Women

Any woman who has partnered with a man on a weight loss or fitness program knows the frustration of watching his body drip off the pounds while she seems to barely lose an ounce. The struggle and the unfair comparison can cause women to give