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Combat Winter Blues with Home Remedies Deep Rooted in Ayurveda

The winter season or to say the season of cough, cold, fatigue is here. And you are already worried about falling sick or having trouble. There are a few simple ways to take care of winter-related health problems and these ways are actually ayurvedic remedies. If you are an Indian, you would have heard about these remedies sometime in your life from your parents or grandparents.

These are tried and tested remedies that will work well always and helps you to stay healthy this winter.

#1. Cold

Running nose is one of the most irritating things and this is common in winters. Many ingredients at home which are also used in Ayurvedic medicines can come to your rescue. Turmeric is one such ingredient. Mix it in milk and drink for relief. Other great way is to use black pepper. This can be used by adding in soups or your food.

#2. Cough

Almost everyone is vulnerable to getting cough in winter. There are some quick ways to ease the cough for a while. One important remedy is using ginger which has antimicrobial properties. Consume it by making a tea or chew it if you can tolerate the pungent taste.

Another great ingredient is honey which can be mixed with ginger and consumed. Apart from this, ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies have some ready made syrups that can come in handy to keep yourself stay healthy this winter.

#3. Dry Skin

This is one other pet irritant of mine. Dry skin can really be annoying and at times even painful. There are many cosmetics available but then back to nature is the phrase to follow. Make use of natural oils to massage your body. Warm them a little and apply them at night before bed or morning after bath. There are many great options like sunflower oil, sesame oil, etc. Also, make sure to follow a right winter skincare routine to avoid all kind of skin problems as well.

#4. Itchy Fingers

Sometimes, extreme cold wave can cause itchiness and swollen fingers. I had this problem for a long time and no medicine seemed to help instantly. The only solution that I have found for this problem so far is warm mustard oil and a pinch of salt. Apply it liberally over the affected area and cover it for instant relief.

#5. Sore Throat

This is another common occurrence in winters. Many over-the-counter medicines are available to ease the pain temporarily but then that is only for a while. For permanent relief, try basil tea or ginger and honey tea.

Almost all the remedies listed above resolve the health issues and also help in boosting immunity which is extremely important. A healthy lifestyle which involves waking up early, exercising, eating right food, and having adequate sleep is all that you need to boost your immunity. Eat nutritious foods for healthy skin and avoid over consumption of anything. A few simple tweaks in your everyday routine can benefit you in the long run to stay healthy in winter as well as in other seasons.

If you do not have access to these ingredients then you can make use of the medicines and cosmetics provided by ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies. These are good substitutes for natural ingredients and can keep you away from harmful allopathic medicines.


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