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Complete Your Ensemble With Classy And Versatile Titan Watches

classy-and-versatile-titan-watchesTitan has conquered the watch industry in India for more than three decades. By this time, they have expanded the analog watches category, relishing their market share of nearly 60 percent.

When we talk about watches giving a classy look how can we neglect Titan watches? Titan has won the world with its attractive and unique designs. Titan follows an essential role of making people feel good and look good as well. Titan is providing time pieces since 1987 which are diverse in the model, size, and shape. It has a wide range of bold and functional watches. On the list of world, standard Titan secured its position as one of the best watch brand. As compared to other global brands Titan comparatively has affordable prices. It provides watches at chip price without compromising quality.

Titan has various subsidiary brands Raga exclusive for women, Fastrack for the youth, Sonata for a sober look, Zoop, Nebula, Ragalia with golden touch, Exacta having simplicity in design, Orion, Purple as pearl analog watches, Obaku, Tycoon, Spectra to give richness of gold and study look of steel, Police, Still, Bandhan for peoples, HTSE and Octane series. Titan Edge is announced to be world’s slimmest watch under the Titan title.

On the series and collection are available for all the edge groups whether the buyer may be a man, woman or a kid. With such classy and versatile watches, you can complete your ensemble. Titan watches are also available in a pair to be gifted for a newlywed couple. The Raga collection found to be highest selling watches for women.


After sale service from Titan make it more recommendable to stylize yourself. As Titan has its showrooms all across the world, you can reach any of this to get services from these service centers. As the Titan watches are well known for their durability you surely will not need to reach such customer service soon. Titan has the crown of most admired brand in India in the year of 2011. Referring its history of customers satisfaction it becomes a must have accessory. The Royle collection includes gold plated straps which give a classy and expensive look.

Titan gives emphasis more on maintaining elegance and sturdy look together. It is on you to select particular watch according to the style you want to carry. Titan provides exciting color to match you. To give a majestic look for beautiful women Titan provides stone studded watches in its collection. If you are the gorgeous feminine and want to carry elegance with you, you can select watches from the collections like Karishma, Diva, Raga etc.

Titan’s latest entry with Juxt range of smartwatches is attention-grabbing, both in terms of product strategy& timing. Is it clever of Titan to be relatively late for entering the new market section? The digital technology provided in Juxt is developed by HP Inc. which has been made available to Titan for quite some time now. The launch was expected many months ago. And even as they might have missed the chance to be the first in the market, launching lately has some benefits.

Titan has let Samsung and Apple outbid each other and by doing so it has created and grown the smart-watch market. Titan could now provide Indian consumers a credible and distinctive alternative, riding what would hopefully be a rising trend of smart-watches. By this, they would reap the advantages of being a “second-mover“.


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