top-5-couples-yoga-posesBusy lifestyles take their toll on intimacy, which is most evident from the increasing rate of relationship conflicts. What if there was a solution that could both relax your mind and bring you closer to your partner? Couples yoga does just that! What better way to spend time with your partner than in an activity that makes you both healthier and happier?

Here are some couples yoga poses you must try.

#1. Breathe in Sync

Sit with your backs touching, in the half lotus pose, where your right ankle is on your left thigh. With palms open in your lap, start breathing in and out. Notice the movement of your partner’s body as he/she breathes, and feel the connection.

#2. Partners in Twist

This can be an extension of the breathing together pose. Sitting in the same position, exhale and twist to one side, with your palms on your partner’s knee or around their belly. Breathe in and out for a count of 10 and come back to your original position. Repeat this on the other side.

#3. United We Bend

Here, one partner lies on their stomach and the others stands over them, with feet on either side of their body. The standing partner holds the hands of the lying one, and bends backwards, pulling their partner into a back-bending stretch in the process. Hold the position for a count of 10 and then switch.

#4. One Two Tree

For the tree pose, stand side by side with your hips touching. Now, both of you must lift your outside leg, and place the sole on the inner thigh of the inside leg. Now bring your arms straight up, with your palms touching, and hold the position for a while. Then, switch sides.

#5. Row The Boat Together

Sit facing each other, with your knees and toes touching. Hold each other’s wrists and let your soles touch. Gradually raise your legs and stretch them upwards, all the while keeping your soles together. This is the boat pose. Count till 10, and gently relax.

Thanks for reading. What do you think about this top 5 couples yoga poses to strengthen your relationship? Have you tried any of these or any different poses with your partner? Leave your comments, questions, and/or thoughts below!


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