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What You Need to Know About Diet Soda and Weight Loss – Diet Soda Causes Weight Gain?

diet-soda-weight-loss-or-weight-gainIn a generation where the health craze, signing up for gym memberships, and making wiser food choices seems to be all the rage, most people are aware that soda is no good for the body. In fact, it is downright harmful to it.

Filled with chemicals and loaded with high fructose corn syrup, there is no worse nightmare for someone whose goal is to have six pack abs or just to be plain healthy.

The sad part of all is that the marketing people who work in soda companies understand that people are now aware of these detrimental effects soda has on the body. Hence, they came up with diet soda.

Surprisingly, many people fall for the marketing tactic and deception that diet soda is beneficial to the body. This could not be further from the truth. Diet soda is no better than regular soda and it will not contribute in any way to losing weight and getting healthy.

In fact, studies have shown that people who drink diet soda tend to put on more weight than those who drink ordinary soda on a regular basis.

According to Dr. Fowler from the University of Texas, the risk of being overweight increases by 41 percent for every can of diet soda that a person consumes in a day. These results are no joking matter. The bottom line is, diet soda is not good for you and it should have no place in your home or in your diet. This does not just apply to fitness junkies, but anybody who wants to live a longer and healthier life.

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But why exactly is diet soda so bad for you? Diet soda is bad for the body because the artificial sweeteners used it in trigger a hormonal response in the body that promotes the storage of fat. It also tells the body to crave for refined carbohydrates and sweets after the drink has been consumed.

This means that not only will you end up chugging a glass of toxic calories; you might just munch on a chocolate bar or a muffin afterwards.

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Diet soda is also not a good drink because people mistakenly carry the notion that since they are consuming fewer calories with their drink of choice, then this affords them the privilege of eating more. Obviously, this is not the case at all. Whether it is diet soda or not that they take with their meal, it still adds extra calories.

If you are serious about adopting a healthier lifestyle, a nutritious diet and regular exercise are absolutely necessary. This means giving up unhealthy, sugar-loaded, chemical-laden drinks like diet soda. Your body has no use for this and it is just pure junk.

The artificial sweeteners found in diet soda only serve to spike your blood sugar levels and then let them crash shortly afterwards—leaving you with a craving for more sweets.

If you are looking for an alternative to diet soda, choose something that is not filled with artificial sweeteners. You can opt for water with lemons in it or unsweetened iced tea. Don’t forget that there are countless options for tea to choose from—chamomile, black, green, peppermint, ginger, chrysanthemum and so many more.

Organic teas are extremely beneficial to the body and you can take your pick from numerous flavors and varieties. Tea is a very good alternative to diet soda as it does not contain any artificial sweeteners.

So remember, the next time you find yourself in the grocery, skip the soda section and move on to the organic teas aisle instead. Your body will surely thank you in the future.

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