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Black Tea Vs. Green Tea : Which is Better?

What are the health benefits of black tea vs. green tea? Should you be drinking black tea or green tea or is it merely a matter of opinion and flavor?

As many know, tea has been consumed for thousands of years far beyond the reasons of simply a different beverage to consume. Aside from its wonderful aromatic features and distinct flavors, tea has numerous health benefits. But, are there varying health benefits based on the type of tea you drink?

What Are the Benefits of Green Tea Vs. Black Tea

#1. The Health Benefits of Black Tea Vs. Green Tea

The antioxidants found in tea have many promising health benefits. Though, not all teas might offer the exact same health benefits. Let’s look at the difference between black tea vs. green tea.

Both black tea and green tea come from the camellia sinensis plant. The distinction between the two variations of tea is simply the way they are processed.

Black tea undergoes a process of oxidation which changes the color and flavor. Green tea on the other hand does not undergo this process of oxidation.

Though there has been much hype surrounding green tea in regards to health benefits, other teas that come from the camellia sinensis plant also offer the same health benefits. The difference is in the way the tea is treated after it has been harvested and the flavor this process produces.

Is Green Tea the same as black tea?

There may be varying levels of polyphenols due to different methods of processing, but the health benefits are still the same. In other words, both black and green tea can help with lowering cholesterol—the benefits are in both teas—but the higher concentration of polyphenols may be higher in green tea and may have a greater effect.

#2. The Flavor of Black Tea Vs. Green Tea

I think distinguishing or recognizing teas from the camellia sinensis as far as health benefits are concerned is important to understand when choosing the right tea for you. As stated above, the health benefits are practically identical. Therefore, it comes down to flavor.

In my opinion, black tea has a bold flavor in comparison to green tea. Green tea is somewhat light and has less of an aftertaste. Black tea also seems to be heavier. This is just my observation and could possibly be due in part to the bold and dark color.

The flavor of green tea is mellow. The aromatic features are pleasant yet light in comparison again with black tea.

#3. Black Tea Vs. Green Tea: Who Wins?

Is Black tea Healthier than Green tea

Clearly the decision of black tea vs. green tea comes down to a matter of personal preference. As there are no distinguishing difference relating to health benefits, here is how I see it.

I love all flavors of tea. When it comes to black tea vs. green tea, I prefer black tea cold and green tea hot. This is just my preference. Also, I use green tea in smoothies yet use black tea leaves for cooking. For summer, you should try black iced tea. With the help of iced tea maker you can easily brew iced tea in less than 10 minutes. In my humble opinion, there is no winner between black tea vs. green tea, they are both awesome!


  1. Nice article and comparison of black tea and green tea. My favorite tea is green tea and I have been drinking it for more than 5 years.
    I was coffee addict and I know myself that how I had quit drinking it.


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