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Do Women’s Razors Differ from Men’s?

difference-between-mens-and-womens-razorIs there any difference between men’s and women’s razors? Yes, definitely there are many differences between the razors of men and women as women’s shaving needs and men’s shaving needs are different.

Even the shaving products are also specially designed for both women and men along with various features that cater to different requirements.

Men use razors just to remove or shave hair on the face. And razors also enable them to remove hair around and under the nose without any worry about nicks and cuts.

Women shavers are specially designed to take care of smooth and delicate skin around calf, shin bone of leg, knee.

Women shavers also help them to shave their fine hair after waxing which grows very fast. Following are the few differences between the women and men razors.

1. Men shavers are typically straightforward and masculine whereas women’s shaving products designed with softer shade and provide larger or more comfortable handle.

2. Women razors have longer handles for longer reach and paddle-shaped handle to reach longer areas and lengthwise grip. Women get various handle designs for special shaving areas like bikini line or underarms while men razors are with straight handle as the usage of it is less.

3. Men shavers are used to remove thick hair from smaller areas whereas women shavers are used to remove thin hair from larger areas. Hence, women razors are designed to provide a smooth and safe shave.

Though, they don’t give you close-shave experience for longer hours or time. This occurs due to women shavers as they are designed to shave over large area of thin hair.

What Is The Difference Between Men And Women Shavers

4. Men’s shave at the sink in front of mirror whereas many of the women feel easy to shave in the shower as they can’t see the areas like back of knees to shave. Hence, they depend on the feel or comfort of shave to get the work done. Moreover women tend to glide the shavers more quickly than men over curvier spots such as knees and ankles.

5. Women usage of razors is quick and more often than men as they glide over larger surface areas to shave thin hair after waxing. Men shave only thick beard hair and the area between lip and nose on their face whereas women razors pluck tiny hair from larger areas hence get duller very fast than those of men razors.

6. Women razors are designed specially with more comfort and smooth glide over the skin. Therefore, women’s shave products are more expensive than men’s razors.

7. Now-a-days, men’s shavers are designed with more blades than female counterparts. Basically, the extra blades are added in order to improve the quality of shaving. But since ages men use to shave with single blade.

8. How the razors are packed? This makes the difference between the shavers of both men and women. Men’s razors are packed showing a tool, a chisel to work hard that gives experience of sharp steel or ruggedness. On the other hand, women razors packing depict like paint brush along with flowers to show the delicate and soft beauty of women.


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