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Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting a Spa?

dos-and-donts-when-visiting-a-spaA spa is place you need to visit when you feel exhausted and tired of your hectic busy life. If you need to have some relaxing and rejuvenating moments, probably you should make a plan to visit a spa. Wyboston Lakes, gives some effective suggestions. They are experts of Yspa. If you are planning a visit for the first time, keep reading the following:

#1. Do: Watch out What You are Eating

Don’t take heavy meals before workout at spa. Avoid caffeine. As you intend to have massage in your spa visit, your body must feel relaxed and blood circulation should be stable. You can have a fruit or some light snack if feel hungry or drowsy- more beneficial to have light snack after the visit.

#2. Don’t: Avoid alcohol

Small sip of light alcohol is fine. But don’t drink too much of it. Being drunk at your visit is unethical as well as damaging. Try to avoid it.

#3. Do: Turn off Your Devices

Usually, spas don’t allow devices like cell phones when you pay a visit. They want to give you complete soothing moments without any sort of disturbance. Not only you but the people around you can also get disturbed by your cell phone beeping again and again. So, it’s better to turn it off or switch it on silent, put it away and enjoy!

#4. Don’t Be Late

Hurry makes worry! Make sure you arrive spa on time and don’t feel rush. It will make you as well as keep you stressed for a longer period of time sabotaging your good-moments. If you are visiting large spa, you can arrive well in time and have a look around as well as mingle up with the staff. That’s better!

#5. Do: Let Concierge Know It’s Your First Visit

It’s always better to let concierge know about your first visit. They will help you out in selecting which kind of spa treatment you should have. Or they even tell you about different area of spa suitable for you. Sharing info is always good!

#6. Don’t: Wear Makeup

Since you are supposed to get steam bath or sauna, it’s instructed not to wear makeup. They will ask you to remove it if you are wearing any.

#7. Do: Wear Slippers or Flip flop

Wear your favorite comfy flip flop that you wear while at home. Although, many spas provide with disposable flip flops just in case you forget bringing yours, wear your own slippers to have a sense of completely you.

#8. Don’t Wear Outdoor Shoes

Avoid it. You should not be the cause to any dirt enter the spa floor.

As you have got your initial guide; plan and hit the spa confidently.


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