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Surprisingly Easy Dumbbell Workouts That Will Widen Your Hips

Looking for ways to make your hips bigger? If yes, I guess you’ve tried almost everything from pills to workouts without much success. There is also a high chance you’ve thought of surgery.

Here is an important reminder: wide hips will add value to your overall looks just like your facial appearance. The last thing you need is, subjecting them to trial and error methods that might or might not work.

The point is, using supplements or going through cuts might give you what you want, but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that they’ve ruined the lives of many by doing the opposite or something much worse.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do anything risky to get wider hips. Just like losing weight or bulking up, there are hundreds of natural ways you can make your hips wider. This article will focus on one thing that has worked for many: dumbbell exercises. But first, here are three important tips to remember.

I. Invest in the best adjustable dumbbells – When buying dumbbells, ensure that you choose the ones with a mechanism that locks the plates in place for safety purposes. Also, ensure that they are durable, affordable and have the best warranty offer. You can check out some of the top best adjustable dumbbells on the market by clicking on this link.

II. Get the right workout shoes – When performing these exercises, you need to maintain the right posture which will be determined by the shoes you wear. So find something that will allow you to perform your workouts without much strain. In our case, would recommend running shoes.

III. Eat the right foods – Your hips won’t widen if you are not eating well. If you’ve been avoiding proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, you have to change that habit. Add carbohydrates such as brown rice, corn, wheat bread and whole grains, proteins such as skim milk, chicken, fish and whey protein, healthy unsaturated fats such as canola oil, oily fish, sunflower oil and more.

Six Dumbbell Workouts That Will Widen Your Hips

#1. Sumo Squat


Stand straight, widen your feet and point your toes forwards. Hold a dumbbell in front of your body with your palms facing inwards. While keeping your chest upright and spine long, widen your legs further and squat until your knees make a 90-degree angle just like in sumo.

#2. One Leg Deadlift And Lunge


Stand straight and bring your feet close together. Grab a dumbbell using your right arm. For better support, use your left arm to grab your hips. Bend your knees slightly and then raise your right leg behind you while at the same time bringing the dumbbell towards the ground. Get back to your initial position and raise your right knee until it is in line with your hips then sweep the same leg backward until your torso is parallel to the ground. Try doing ten reps and then change the other leg.

#3. Curtsy kick


Take weights in both hands and bring them in front of your body. While keeping your abs and back tight, shoulders rolled, and spine long, bring your left leg behind your right leg in a diagonal motion. Stand by pushing through your right heel and then sweep your left leg to your side with your foot pointing forwards. Aim for 8 to 10 reps then change.

#4. Deadlift


Stand and widen your feet approximately 10cm apart. Hold dumbbells in your front with your palms facing your body. Slightly bend your knees, push your hips back and bring the dumbbells down close to the floor. Lastly, push through your heels to get back to your initial position. While performing this movement, keep your abs tight and spine long. Aim for ten reps of two sets.

#5. Windmill


Take a dumbbell in your left arm and extend your right arm overhead. Your left arm should be rested in front of your body with your palms facing outwards. Create space approximately the length of your hip with your foot turned out. Push your hips to your left. Follow up by slowly sliding your right arm down your right without moving your left arm. Lower your body as much as possible then return to starting position. Aim for 20 reps then change.

#6. Bridge


Lie on the mat and face up. Widen your feet a bit and bring your heels towards your glutes. Take weights on both hands and place them on your hips. Your palms should be facing towards your hips. Lift your hips from the yoga mat using your butt muscles. Maintain that position for some few seconds and then get back to your starting position. Aim for 15 reps of 2 sets.

Additional Tip

Hip workouts go together with abs exercises. Besides, they will look sexier when your waist is slimmer. For better results, add in a variety of abs exercises. In addition to dumbbells you can also try investing on some of the best abs equipment from the market. Check out this link to buy the best abs machine for home use.

The Bottom Line

The main reason we are using dumbbells and not pills or surgery is because you want to achieve and maintain wider hips with limited risks. Fortunately, the exercises mentioned in this article are easier, meaning, you can aim higher for better results. However, it is important to take everything slow to avoid injuring yourself.


Author Bio: Hi there! Sarah G. Ramirez is my name, and welcome to CyanFitness. Here in CyanFitness, I share with you, my expertise on keeping fit and staying healthy. My tips, advice, and programs are not meant to replace medical advice but assist and guide you to live a long and healthy lifestyle.

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