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What Are The Early Symptoms Of Diabetes?

what are the early signs of diabetesDiabetes is a very common disease that affects over 20 million people just in the United States. It is a disease that can affect almost everyone, regardless of their age, race, sex and creed.

Diabetes is a disease that may present in 3 basic forms such as: Type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, which is also the most common form of them all, and gestational diabetes which only affects women that are pregnant.

As stated before, the most common type of this disease is Type 2 diabetes. This disease usually occurs when the human body doesn’t produce enough insulin or when its cells ignore the insulin.

The development of this disease is influenced by several factors such as their age, genetics, sex, exercise, food and drink and general health.

Diabetes And The Body

What Are The Signs Of Diabetes?

Below are some of the most known signs along with a description of what each means. Also, having these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you have diabetes, the only way to make sure is to speak with your doctor and get yourself checked out.

1. One of the most particular symptoms of diabetes is common and frequent urination. If you have to go too often then you should probably go and get checked up. However, frequent urination may also be caused by several other factors so it doesn’t really mean that you have this disease, it is only one of its symptoms.

2. Another known warning sign is being thirsty almost all the time. Being thirsty on a regular basis is completely normal but if you keep drinking water and you are still staying thirsty then it may be a sign that something is wrong.

3. Also, being constantly hungry can also be considered to be a sign of diabetes. However this can also indicate several other facts such as having a fast metabolism so it is highly recommended to seek medical attention before jumping to any conclusions.

4. Blurred vision is also often associated with this particular disease but it is also known to be associated with several liver problems. Either way, having blurred vision is an issue that should not be neglected, therefore getting medical attention is definitely a must. This problem can mean a lot of things, and one thing is for certain, none of them can be good.

5. Also, if you are feeling exhausted almost every time even though you haven’t done much can also indicate diabetes. As mentioned before, this symptom itself may not be such a big problem, the biggest concern happens when you have most of these symptoms that may indicate that you really have diabetes.

6. Another suffering from diabetes is the diabetes impotence. If you are dealing with one of the symptoms presented above and if you are middle aged and having erectile dysfunctions, then it is most likely that you are suffering from diabetes impotence.

7. Being irritable is also a sign that should be taken in consideration but only if it’s presented with some of the symptoms mentioned above.

8. Also, losing a significant amount of weight is usually a good thing but this can also be a sign of certain severe health problems. If you are experiencing some unusual weight loss then you should consider getting yourself checked out since this is also a common diabetes symptom.

If these diabetes symptoms are left untreated, it can result in several serious health complications. Some of these complications may develop over years while others may occur faster than expected. There are several eye complications that might occur such as glaucoma for most individuals that are suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Type 2 diabetes can also cause high blood pressure and most likely heart disease. Therefore in order to avoid most of the dangers that fall into this category it is strongly recommended to perform frequent checkups with Elisa kits.

Also, regular exercise along with a proper diet can also be very beneficial for helping those who are suffering from diabetes and also to prevent heart related illnesses and hypertension. However, while most diabetes signs or symptoms may not be so easy to distinguish from several other conditions, they are very reliable and well-documented.

If you experience any of the above diabetes symptoms it is strongly advised to check with your doctor.

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