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Eczema- Relationship between Filaggrin Deficiency and Dry Skin

Filaggrin refers to the protein that is essential for the proper maturation of skin cells to form the protective and outermost layer of skin. There has been ongoing research regarding the vital role of filaggrin that shows the lack of this protein in skin causes a dry skin condition known as itchthyosis vulgaris and is linked to atopic eczema.

Atopic Eczema

Inheriting numerous genes that predispose you to atopic eczema make you more vulnerable to developing the condition. Exposure to certain factors such as lifestyle and living within industrial areas along with the filaggrin deficiency heighten the risk of developing eczema.

Skin Barrier Function

The scaly and dry patches that are common with eczema indicate that the skin’s barrier function is not working optimally. When the skin barrier is compromised, the skin can be dried out by irritants such as detergents and soaps. This causes the weakened barrier to deteriorate further and worsens eczema.

A weak skin barrier also makes the skin more vulnerable to inhalant and food allergens that can penetrate the skin’s upper layers. It is crucial for the skin barrier to be repaired by using recommended therapies and emollients.

Filaggrin Deficiency

  • Filaggrin deficiency happens when skin inherits a problematic copy of the gene that makes its. Possessing this gene means that there will be a significant reduction of Filaggrin production within the skin. Filaggrin deficiency has also been linked to the development of cat and food allergies.
  • Correcting filaggrin deficiency is a challenging undertaking but different ways are being identified to facilitate introducing it back to the skin. There are measures that you can take to protect the skin’s barrier.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners, detergents, soaps and shampoos. Find out the products that approved for people who have eczema. Apply emollients directly on the skin on a regular basis and use them while bathing and washing. They help to heal the barrier of the skin and calm the itchiness.

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Protecting your Skin

Eczema affects people of various ages and it can be quite distressful. There are different things you can do to soothe the dryness, itching and changes that your skin goes through. Natural remedies make a worthwhile difference in how the skin feels and looks.

Monitor the triggers in your daily life and aspects of your lifestyle since different people have varying levels of sensitivity. You can figure out what causes eczema flare ups over time and note down how you respond to certain products or environmental products.

Quick Tips

  • Avoid irritating and ill-fitting clothing as much as you can. Scratchy and itchy fabrics tend to irritate the skin and you are likely to be more comfortable in clothes that are made from smoother fabrics.
  • Washing detergent that leaves residue on clothes can also contribute to flare-ups. Try natural products and brands that will not adversely affect your condition.
  • Select non-irritating shampoos and soaps. Avoid any product that contains a strong fragrance or perfume. Use natural agents that do not consist of ingredients that dry and irritate the skin.
  • Keep your environment as clean as possible to minimize the presence of allergens. Eczema triggers such as dust mites, dandruff, mold and pollen may contribute to outbreaks and discomfort.

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