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Exercises for Obesity and Diabetes Patients – Role of Exercises for Obese People

exercises-for-fat-obesity-and-diabetes-patientObesity happens when you have too much fat in the body or if you weigh at least 30 lbs more than your ideal weight. Because of such excess fat, you are at risk for diabetes as well as heart diseases, hypertension, high cholesterol level and stroke.

There are 4 major kinds of diabetes and in all of them, your body cannot produce or use insulin. The latter is a hormone necessary for converting sugar to energy.

In the absence of insulin, your body cannot control the level of blood sugar. Thus, further complications such as blindness, stroke, heart disease, bad flow of blood to the feet, nerve damage and kidney disease are likely to develop.

Survey says that 1/3 of Americans are obese. One of the proven ways to decrease fat in the body is through regular exercise. The problem is there are a lot of people having difficulty in performing exercises. Obese diabetics also have health complications which make them perform less physical activities. The good news is there are some exercises which can be done regularly and safely by obese diabetics.

There is a relationship among diabetes, obesity and exercise deficiency. Those with diabetes have difficulty in contracting their muscles while obese people cannot perform exercises well due to their size.

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Obese diabetics therefore have a hard time to work out frequently and when there is lack of exercise, weight is increased thus their diabetes worsens. To solve this problem, obese diabetics must perform training programs which particularly target muscle strength and control. They can perform tai chi, Pilates, weight training and other physical therapy or PT sessions.

A good way to maintain exercise everyday is walking. This burns calories and increases heart rate. You can begin your walking exercise by walking as far as your feet can get you and then increase the distance as days pass by. For example, you can walk to the other end of your street for the initial 3 days.

After this, you can walk around your block just once. In the next few days, walk around your block twice until you move up and you begin to walk half an hour every day. Walking is an aerobic exercise ideal for those suffering from Type 2 diabetes as it minimizes their sensitivity to insulin.

A sad thing to note is that some Type 2 diabetes patients and obese people have become bedridden.  For these kinds of patients, starting a weight loss program formulated by their doctor or a personal trainer who specializes in their condition is recommended.

They can also lift hand weights so as to strengthen the muscles in their arms. This is ideal for them to achieve good heart health.

They can also sit up frequently, perform arm stretches, lift their legs and bend their waists so as to toughen the muscles in these parts of their body. This will make them get out of their beds and start walking.

These are but some of the ideal exercises for obese diabetics. For more exercise routines, it is best to consult your doctor.

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