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Summer is here and getting into shape is the goal of many. Sometimes, they need to accomplish this goal quickly. Perhaps they have a dress to fit into for a wedding, or they want to look picture perfect on their beach holiday. Whatever the case may be, exercise is the way to succeed. Taking diet pills or starving yourself are both dangerous and unhealthy.

Following are the only 6 exercises you need to get in shape fast to flaunt your six packs or your bikini body. Take a look:

1. Running the Track

So many people say that they hate to run; however, this method is such an easy way to lose some weight. Even if you are not fast at all, the simple movement of running can help to shed those pounds. After visiting the track for several weeks, you might just discover a new passion and start participating in races. If running is too difficult for you, start off by walking and then move to a slow jog.

For this exercise, you don’t need any equipment beyond a pair of running shoes. Reebok offers wide range of athletic apparel, sports equipment, shoes and accessories; you can easily find one for yourself.

Running the Track for weight loss

2. Zumba Classes

Another activity becoming quite popular in recent times is Zumba. This style of dance involves lots of movement involving the legs, arms and entire body, and all of them are done in a rather fast succession. Instructors will ensure that you are doing the moves correctly but also having fun in the process. The dancing will keep you invigorated and alive. Be sure to bring plenty of water with you to these Zumba classes!

3. Crunches and Sit-Ups

It’s no secret that individuals who engage in a lot of crunches and/or sit-ups on a daily basis have really defined abs, and if you want to tone up that part of the body, these exercises are the ones for you. Sometimes, going right into a full out sit-up is too difficult for people who have been away from the exercise world for awhile. In that case, start off with crunches, and then move on to the sit-ups when you’re body is ready to do so.

4. Jumping Rope

In terms of fat loss, jumping rope is the smartest decision you will ever take. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a jumping rope at your home, you can easily find and buy one at an Indian shopping site.

Jumping rope

Nothing burn calories like jump rope, it’s a great calorie-burner. According to studies and researches, 10 minutes of jumping rope is equal to running an 8 minute mile. Even if you are jumping rope at a very slow pace, you are burning upto 16 calories in a minute.

Jumping rope into 3 ten-minute rounds, with one minute of rest, you are burning upto 480 calories in 30 minutes. Well that’s just great!

5. The Elliptical

Whether you have such a device in your home or you have to travel to the gym, the elliptical is an excellent way to build speed, work on endurance and lose those pounds rather quickly. The amount of kilometers per hours that you can go on an elliptical is generally much faster than on a treadmill. Even though you might be burning the same number of calories as a person on the treadmill, simply seeing those large numbers can be more motivation to work even harder toward your fitness and/or weight loss goals.

6. Martial Arts

Now, getting into shape does not always have to involve losing large amounts of weight. You may need to drop a couple of pounds or tone up your body. When those are your motivations, choose martial arts. Exercise will be a crucial part of the regime, and you will also learn how to protect yourself.

While these exercises are all helpful, none of them are miracles cures. You must always discuss weight loss and fitness plans with a doctor, and you have to realize that weight loss is a goal that takes some time to work at.






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