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FAQs About Eye Lash Glue

faqs-about-eye-lash-glueIt’s no news that women are obsessed with long eyelashes. If you too wish you had long, lush lashes like Katy Perry or Catherine Zeta-Jones has, you may have already thought of using eyelash extensions. While extensions can make your eyes look more attractive, some products can trigger minor side effects. So, you should be a little careful when choosing a product. In fact, the glue used for applying fake lashes could damage your real lashes.

It is always a good idea to read reviews of a product and its components like the eye lash glue on trustworthy review websites like Topeyelashserums.com. This would help you make an informed decision. Read on to know the answers to some frequently asked questions about eyelash extension glue.

What If I have an Allergic Reaction to Glue?

Experts suggest that one should use quality products from top brands. However, some women may still have an allergic reaction. One good idea would to be to know more about the types of glue. You will find different types of glue for eyes with different level of sensitivity. Acclaimed lash review websites like Topeyelashserums.com provide ample information on this topic.

Can the Glue Get into my Eyes?

Actually no! Although many women fear that the eye lash glue can get into their eyes, it is technically not possible. Remember that your eyes will remain closed throughout the application phase. So, the chances of the glue getting into your eyes do not exist. However, you should be sure of the quality the glue before applying it. You can read instruction about how to apply lash extensions safely on reliable information websites.

It is also important to understand the difference between allergic reaction and infection. If you have very sensitive eyes, you may get minor side effects, such as, irritation in eyes or allergic reaction. However, that does not mean that the product would cause an infection or internal damage to your eyes.

Do I Need to Change the Glue after I Cry?

In most cases, you would not need to replace the glue after crying. However, if you feel irritation or discomfort in your eyes due to tears, you can consider changing the eye lash glue. In general, application of eyelash extension should not make you feel any different. All you need to do is to choose a right product for you.

There are many misconceptions about the consequences of applying eyelash extensions. Some people even think that they can get go blind. However, there is really nothing much to worry. You just need to make sure that you choose and use quality products that would be suitable of your eyes. You can consult your doctor to clear up any confusion. Also, do not forget to compare different products before buying one.

Top information websites like Topeyelashserums.com compare different products on the basis of several parameters, such as, overall success rate, product quality, customer satisfaction, long term and short term results, ingredients, and side effects. You should consider these factors when choosing a product for you.


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