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Why I Am Always Feeling So Tired ? – 7 Surprising Reasons That are Making You Tired.

If you are not able to sleep properly at night, after working for the whole day, this means you are too tired. However, sometimes it happens that you sleep for the whole night, still that doesn’t help you to restore the energy levels in your body.

It’s not hidden that lack of proper sleep can make you feel weak and can end up in depression. Your lifestyle and diet are responsible for your weakness.

Following are the most common, but surprising reasons that are making you tired:

1. Too much Sugar in your body

When we wake up early in the morning, we need coffee and tea to get the required energy.

Yes, it’s true that sugar helps us to get energy; however, do you know disadvantages of drinking coffee and tea empty stomach? It can result in disturbed sleep, feeling tired, acidity and damage digestive system as well.

2. Stay Hydrated

In a well studied research, it was observed that if your body is facing minimum dehydration, you can feel tiredness. If you are doing workouts, but are not taking enough liquids, you can fall victim to stress, weakness and tizzy.

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3. Usage of Laptop and Mobile at Night

Each of us has a bad habit to use laptop and mobile phone before sleeping at night. Most would agree with the fact that sometimes you fall asleep while chatting on phone with your friends, relatives or family members.

By doing this, we are not getting proper sleep and feel tired. A simple message tone or light can disturb us while sleeping, hence, either shutdown your mobile or active the silent mode for a complete silence in your bedroom at night.

4. Junk Food

Eating too much junk food is not good for your health, you already know this. But what you don’t know is that junk food is rich in sugar and carbohydrates and that increases the level of sugar in your body, which again can make you feel tired.

Hence, for a healthy sleep and a healthy body, you should avoid eating junk food and start eating healthy foods which are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Include more brown rice, nuts and dry fruits in your diet.

5. Not Exercising at all

Today, we all are living a busy life and it’s not possible for each of us to give importance to exercising. However, know this; not exercising totally can also result in weakness and low energy levels.

For a healthy life, body and increased energy levels, it’s important to include exercise and yoga in your daily life routine. If you are not able to visit gym daily, walk for an hour daily. This can definitely help you to feel more energized and less tired.

6. Lack of Iron

If your body is lacking in some essential minerals and nutrients, then also you can feel dizzy, iron is one such essential mineral. Hence, make sure that you are eating only healthy foods and lots of green vegetables to fulfill all minerals and vitamins requirements.

Best foods for getting Iron are: Mollusks, Pumpkin Seeds, Nuts, Beans & Pulses, Whole Grains, Dark Leafy Greens (Spinach), Dark Chocolate.

7. Drinking Alcohol before Sleeping

Feeling tired after long office work or want to get rid of daily life depression, drinking alcohol can help, isn’t it? No, you are wrong..

Drinking alcohol right before sleeping can result in instant deep sleep, which is not right for our health, and next day you will again wake up tired, but this time with headache.

Above are the 7 things which you should avoid doing at all cost for getting a sound sleep and to wake up next morning with increased energy levels.

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