Doing exercise at home

Are you one of the people that believe the gym is the only right and ideal place to workout? Many people do – no wonder there is a growing number of individuals enrolling to commercial gyms nowadays.

While it is true that most of the commercial gyms are equipped with high end and scientifically designed gym equipment and workout programs, it is not absolute that it is the only ideal place to workout!

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Why Gym Is Not The Only Ideal Venue For Workout

First of all, we need to define the word “ideal” with respect to our subject matter now.

Let’s define it as attaining and maintaining a high-level state of fitness, less prone to diseases, healthy, physically active and alive, and prolong life.

Now, to answer the question, our body is designed to do physical activities. Come to think of it, during the early times when people are still hunting for foods, they spent most of their days’ searching and stalking wild animals for their meal.

During those times, there were no commercial gyms of course! 🙂 but hey! they’ve attained and maintained their fitness through constant physical activities during the course of their lifetime.

Now, you may ask me, the above reasoning is true but will it applies only to men because they were the ones who hunt for foods? How about the women?

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Well, based on historical records, women at that time were working equally if not busier than men! Yes, aside from taking care of their kids, they also play an important role in agriculture – they were tasked to gather wild seeds, cook food, make clothes from animal fur, create accessories out from bones, and were the inventors of useful tools.

You see, during those times, when it comes to physical activities, gender doesn’t matter at all. This brings to my point that gym is not the only ideal venue for a workout, we can actually do it anywhere in our daily lives.

I am a working parent, how can I attain and maintain fitness?

This is no longer new to the modern family that both the parents are working and exhausting their little free time for the kids once the work gets done.

working out at the comfort of your home

With this kind of lifestyle, it is really hard and may even impossible to schedule time for gym workouts any time of the week.

Worry no more! Because as long as the nature of your job consists of any physical activities, you are good.

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However, if you spend on your work desk most of the time, then you have to use your creativity.

Should I need to remind you that you also have that awesome power of creativity? 🙂 Anyway, there are many creative ways to make yourself physically active in this situation as long as you want it to.

  1. If your boss allows it, you can use a medicine ball as your chair – this will keep you up by constantly balancing while working on your desk and you can also do stretching in an interval time while working on your desk.
  2. You can also do brisk walking outside the office during break time instead of sitting with your coffee and 2 sticks of cigarettes.
  3. A 5 minute HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training before and in between work breaks can also contribute to your desired fitness.
  4. If your office is just near from your place, how about walking or bicycling instead of riding with your auto gear car to the office?

You know, there are many other creative ways that you can think of to keep yourself physically active in your workplace. Just make it sure though that you are not violating any company rules and policies in your strive to be physically active creatively in your workplace.

Do you spend most of your time at home?

If you don’t have work at the moment, a full-time parent or you have a home based work, then you have all the reasons to attain ideal fitness!

Aside from being creative, you can also do more productive and meaningful activities at home. One of my favorites is gardening. You know, when you do all the digging, mowing, raking, sweeping, and the like – you are not only exerting good physical activities, you will also save money from hiring a gardener and at the same time will soon harvest fresh vegetables in your gardens.

Since you are in your own abode, you are free to come up with creative ways to be active without any restrictions. Just make it sure to ensure safety at all times.

Now, if you still have some extra time and money, building a crossfit equipment for home will be your next best project!

Would it be so nice if you can workout anytime of the day at your own pace and convenience right at the comfort of your home? I bet that your answer is a Big YES!

You can actually build your own gym at home or  a pull up bar with your garage junk on a budget. I will not discuss the full detail on how to build it in a cost-effective way because it is worth a separate and stand alone article.


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