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Four Forces of Ecstasis – An Infographic to Achieve Flow State

You stare at your computer screen, completely immersed in your work. You feel present, focused, and attentive. You’ve found it, and it is called FLOW. Flow is the state of deep work when work doesn’t feel difficult. Instead, you feel completely attentive to the task at hand, and able to focus on it with all your attention.

It is not an easy state to achieve, but as modern medicine progresses and brain imaging continues to become higher and higher resolution, scientists are beginning to understand more about flow state: what it is, how we can initiate it, and why it is important.

This infographic from Nootropedia breaks down the short history of flow, and points to some exciting developments in the future of flow state. Check it out now.

how to achieve flow state infographic

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  1. Wow! This infographic is excellent! I’ve seen a lot of helpful infographics about flow state, but I haven’t crossed an infographic talking about the history of Flow State. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!


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