Tan thru swimsuit, Tan thru swimwear

Do you want to have that perfect tan but without the tan lines? If you want to get the tan you’ve always wanted with no lines, you may want to consider a few tanning options. One is to lie in a tanning bed or you can find a tan thru swimsuit. Since you cannot possibly lounge nude under the sun, you can find a tan thru swimwear which created such hype these days. You can wear this swimwear on the beach without worrying about how to cover your tan lines later.

With a typical and conventional swimwear, you will definitely get tan lines. However, if you consider using a tan through swimwear, you will be able to enjoy the sun and know that you will have a perfect bronze-colored body without the hideous tan lines to worry about.

What Is Tan Thru Swimwear?

Tan thru swimwear is just like your regular swimsuit and bikinis but they are made from a fabric that has microscopic pores which allow about 50% of the sun’s rays through. The fabric is called Microsol V which is made with a special knitting process and have tiny pores in the cloth. This swimwear provides a medium level sunscreen thus it is very possible to get sunburn from wearing it and being exposed to too much sunlight. However, this swimwear can still filter the harmful elements in the sunlight such as UVA and UVB rays. Since it allows some sunlight, it will be able to help you get the tan you want while saying goodbye to tan lines.

The fabric of this swimwear is highly patterned to prevent it from being see-though. This will help confuse the eye so that the swimwear will always appear totally solid, even when they are wet. Some of the features of this swimwear are its coolness and comfort. Due to the kind of fabric used in this swimwear, you will be able to stay cool and comfortable under the sun. The air and water will flow right through the fabric thus you will feel more comfortable despite the summer heat. It is also very light thus it will have less drag when you get into the water.

Why Consider Using Tan Thru Swimwear from Cooltan?

Tan thru bathing suits and shirts can be used for swimming or for tanning. These are just like regular swimsuits that you can tan through. This means that you will have lesser worries about getting tan lines even during long exposures under the sun. You also do not have to worry about hiding your hideous tan lines later on. Your whole body will get the tan you want even though you are not lying under the sun, nude.

On top of all these, you will also be able to have a wide selection of tan thru swimwear from Cooltan since there are various styles, patterns, and colors to choose from. No matter what your body type or your size is, you will definitely find the swimwear that is right for you. Most swimsuits are heavily patterned so that they are tan thru but not see through even when they get wet.



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