The fact is that there is an avalanche of hazards associated with sitting in front of the computer and being on the Internet all the time. This has become so publicized that many people write long tail articles advising others on the dangers of the vibration that comes from their devices. Others talk about the dangers of the addiction that web surfing brings about and many other things. However, one thing people have failed to understand is that there are also some benefits you can have from surfing the web regularly, especially if it concerns your health and development.

How Can Internet Be a Positive Influence on Your Health?

There are reasons why the internet could be a positive health influence your life needs. Lots of research has been done on this. Eventually, the researchers have reached some results that point towards how people can benefit health-wise from surfing the web.

Nobody can argue with the fact that the wealth of information we get from the web stimulates the work of the brain and keeps it busy. This actually prolongs the lifespan of the human brain in no small measure. The next is that according to the discoveries made by the doctors at the University of California, Los Angeles, brain power is greatly boosted in older and middle-aged adults when they use the Internet constantly. Now, it has been proven that the human brain is always on a downward spiral after it gets to its peak. At adult and old age, it will slow down and its performance and functioning will be affected. But with constant web surfing, this slowing down process is mitigated to a certain extent.

The Problems That Web Surfing Can Help With

  • There is a health condition called atrophy, this is a situation where the human brain shrinks because it has lost some neurons and the existing ones cannot connect again. This makes humans lose some hitherto experienced mental activity. Many people who enjoy their summer mobile slots online have actually not heard about this. Well, while you enjoy your amazing games, you also need to know about your health.
  • The human cellular activity also reduces with age.
  • The B-amyloid protein buildup, in a medical condition called Amyloid plaque, tends to hamper communication between the neurons in the brain.
  • There is also a Tau-tangles condition where some brain neurons are killed by Tau protein build-ups.

How Web Surfing Can Solve Problems

How Web Surfing Solves These Problems

Web surfing capitalizes on the sections of the brain that are in charge of complex reasoning and decision making. Apart from offering support groups to people across the globe, web surfing improves the functioning of the brain by exercising it through the complicated brain activity that happens during web searching.

The Internet also mitigates loneliness and makes it easy to reach out to people, thereby curing depression and its consequences. Have you also thought about the fact that majority of the people that have started leading healthy lifestyles learned how to do this from the web?

Images of people in great shape because of the workout sessions and healthy eating stimulate many others to follow suite. Treatment for ailments could also be learned from the web. In fact, everything about your health could benefit from the internet.


  1. I’ve seen lots of articles against net surfing but I’m enthralled to see a positive article about it here and I agree with majority of the points.


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